BEB 179 | Eat Me Out of Bar and Grille

crossfit eatingPlaylist:

Paul Oscher-Deborah Lou,
The Knickerbocker All-Stars-You Upset Me Baby,
Victor Wainwright & the Wildroots- Genuine Southern Hospitality,
Toots Lorraine & the Traffic-Make It Easy,
Hornbuckle-One Foot In The Grave,
Josh Garrett- Moonshine & Cigarettes,
Peter Novelli-I-10 Boogie,
Rusty Wright-Black Hat Boogie,
Danny Pease & The Regulators-Grow,
Broca’s Area-Summer Sun,
Greg Nagy-Welcome Home,
The Mighty Mojo Prophets-Night-Train,
Ghost Town Blues Band-Hard Road To Hoe,
Blowin’ Smoke Rhythm & Blues Band-Built For Comfort,
Turbine-Hard Way To Make An Easy Living,
Balkun Brothers-Control Yourself,
Neal & the Vipers-The Man With The Wicked Wandering Eye,
Easy Baby-Country Boy,
Steve Guyger-Lookie Here,
Brian Charette- Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics-Soy Baby.

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OTH 1175 | Killer Podcast

headphones gunRundown

GMOs Kill Puppies

Condos in Space

Killer Podcast!

Louis C.K. over the line in molestation joke?

F-You! I’m more hard core Zen than You


BEB 178 | Done Found Happiness

bb king happyPlaylist:

Shaka & The Soul Shakers-Mr Levy’s Grave, Josh Garrett- Whole Bottle Of Whine, Hans Theessink & Terry Evans-Cross Roads Blues, Eliza Neals-Spinning, Bo & The Bluesdrivers-Out On The Street, Johnny Drummer-Don’t Call Me Trash, Voo Davis-Had Enough, Josh Hoyer & The Shadowboxers-Til She’s Lovin’ Someone Else,John Nemeth-Three Times A Fool, Deanna Bogart-Fine By Me Good Bayou, Lisa Mann-Satisfied, Janiva Magness-Let Me Breathe, JP Soars-Somethin’ Ain’t Right, Billy Hector-Evil,Slick & Sly, Peter Novelli-Thinkin’ Or Drinkin’ , Slam Allen- CAn’t Break AWay From That Girl, One Eyed Johnny & The Gravediggers- Devil’s Dancin’, Sugar Ray & the Bluetones-Living Tear To Tear, Brandon Santini-Got Good Lovin’.

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OTH 1174 | Justice is a Commodity



2:34 Justice: A purchasable commodity.

19:08 BIRTHDAYS Listener birthdays today:

Edward Connelly III, Pittsburgh, PA. 48 today today, Happy Birthday!
John Zakowski Jr, Wallingford, CT. 51 yrs old. Happy Birthday!
Kathy Schomburg, New Haven, CT. Happy Birthday!

20:04 Train Safety An Issue: Philly Crash And The Oil Trains By Nuke Silos–amtrak-train-derailment-near-philadelphia-030241888.html

36:54 Afghan Taliban softening stance on women’s right.

38:17 State Monies Hard At Work – fight over Blackbeard’s Ship.