Science Proves Evolution Not Possible?

science v evolutionIn this video, this argument is made that science has never observed organisms added genetic information to an organism and therefore evolution can not occur.

It’s conclusion is that the super natural is more likely an answer.

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Lethal Force Last Resort | Rookie Cop Shows Us How

rookie cop no shootA rookie cop, in new Richmond, Ohio refused to shoot a double-murder suspect, who was charging at him screaming “shoot me, shoot me.”
Blindly shooting is bad idea. Cops have hard jobs. They have to make hard choices. What makes it hard is they have to get it right or someone can die.

This one story is not evidence of things getting better, but that cop training and action can get better.

This cop did it right.  Direct Link to Video: Rookie Cop Doesn’t Shoot

OTH 1183 | Trump Leaves Presidential Race


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.05.01 PMRundown:

5:10 How Trump leaves the race

25:57 United States is more brutal than ISIS? Rutgers Prof Deepa Kumar

CLP SetUp Why Is She Here — Old lame argument, you don’t like it leave. How about You don’t like ObamaCare you leave. You don’t like Confederate flag, you leave. You don’t like hybrid cars, you leave. It’s a dumb argument — what makes us stronger is hearing even crazy arguments and opinions and then judging for ourselves.
CLP Remedy More Speech to the Death — Judge Napolitano says the remedy is more speech. They all agree … and then
CLP Defend to death – Your death — Good luck going to Afghanistan? She’s not going anywhere. What makes America great – for now – is the freedom of speech without deportation or exile. So you’ll defend her right to say it, but then once she says it you want to ship her out?

Fox News Show Outnumbered (Everyone agrees on the show)
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36:14 Mocking Bird or Mocking Squirrel? Focus on the Comments

43:00 BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today:

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44:59 Is Planned Parenthood really selling aborted fetuses? WTF? No they are actually selling dead fetus body parts.

59:55 Sandra Bland Did she kill herself or did they kill her in jail New video by a bystander
Says that she has marijuana in her system

Interesting the toxicology reports are released in this case, I don’t see toxicology report for the shootings in Louisana and Chatanooga.
Google search “Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez toxicology” Nothing
Google “John Russell Houser toxicology” shows only that he was NOT drunk. but not what pharma he as on
Google “Sandra Bland toxicology” a whole page of google results with the same words “toxicology report raises questions”

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Trump – The libel and slander begins

The snow has not melted in Buffalo

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Squirrel Link a Bird
Rutgers’ Professor US more brutal than ISIS
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BEB 188 | Give Her the Full Ron Burgundy


ron burgundyPlaylist:

The Blue Light, Evil Bumblebee,
Lance Lopez, Hard Time,
Mike Davis Project, Burnt Toast,
Albert Castiglia, Burn,
Shawn Holt & The Teardrops, You Done Me Wrong,
John Ginty, Rock N’ Roll Sunday,
Selwyn Birchwood, The Way You Wiggle,
The Mighty Soul Drivers, Henpecked Man,
The Dr. Izzy Band, Hang Tough,
JC Smith, Talk To Me Baby,
Lazer Lloyd, Out Of Time,
Samantha Fish, Blame It On The Moon,
The Lucky Losers featuring Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz, Cry No More,
Rusty Wright, Arms Of Another,
The Betty Fox Band, Who’s Holdin’?,
David Michael Miller, Just Ride,
Crooked Eye Tommy, Crooked Eye Tommy,
Damon Fowler, Tv Mama,
Jason Ricci, No Progression,
Brian Charette, Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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