Nuts as a Bunny | OTH 1203

nuts as a bunnyHosts: Erik Blazynski, Carl Bloom and Brian Parker

Bush begs for applause

Michelle Bachmann is nuts as a bunny…

ABC and Carson screwed up the debate

Rubio got crushed by Christie
Why was he harping on this “obama knows what he is doing.

Cyber bullying is over

Brookfield Woman Sues After GOP Officials Bar Her From Voting In Republican Primary

Governor Proposes Legislation To Change Handicapped Parking Symbol

“Serial” takes the stand


Hit the Road | BEB 212

hit the roadPlaylist:

The Mighty Soul Drivers, Let Your Hair Down,
Dan Stevens, Ramblin’,
Chris Bergson Band, Hello Bertha,
Balkun Brothers, She Got It All,
R.B. Stone, Hill Country Stomp,
Big Rolling Wheel, I Miss You,
Kelly Richey, Fading,
Dennis Jones, I Miss You,
Waydown Wailers, Don’t Let Life Pass You By,
Riff Riders, Hit The Road,
Dave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band, That Kind Of Walk,
Jon Spear, The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese,
Steve Arvey, Mardi Gras,
Ina Forsman, Hanging Loose,
Ole Frimer Band, I CAn’t Keep From Crying Sometimes,
Tommy Z, Memory Of Love,
Johnny Rawls, Every Woman Needs A Working Man,
Karen Lovely, Blues Valentine,
Keith Stone, Better Things To Do,
Tim Williams, The Witching Hour,
David M’Ore, Cold Blooded,
Bad News Barnes, Lawyer Riding Shotgun,
Brian Charette, Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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ANTS! | OTH 1202

dirty young girl yellingHosts: Erik Blazynski, Carl Bloom and Brian Parker

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Best Ways to Organize Your Finances – By Personality!

Obama to Congress: Pledge $4Bill for computer science in school

Picture of Sandy Selfie from Mar Rover

Everything You Need to know about Iowa Caucus

What Does Bank of Japan hope to gain with Negative Interest Rates

What is a Negative Interest Rate

Denial, the Infantilising babble and Fantasies that permeate politics

She Was Armed! With a 3 Ton Vehicle

NSA Hacking Israeli Drones

Homeless man accepts Visa, MC, and AMex

Apple ows Ireland 19Bll. The Celtics don’t want it

Another reason you wont be a millionaire

Boost Your Online Dating Profile: According to SCIENCE!

UCONN to great an all black dorm

Welcoming rapists over racists

Uconn all black dorm

Sort of punked here.

Going to a Party | BEB 211

lux plane intPlaylist:

Big Mean Sound Machine, Angriest Man In The World,
Tommy Z, Going To A Party,
Chris Bergson Band, Down In The Bottom,
Eddie Cotton, Hard Race To Win,
Keith Stone New Orleans Moonlight,
Johnny Rawls, Tiger In A Cage,
Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea, Hit Me Like A Train,
Jason Vivone and The Billy Bats, The Vivone Song,
Anthony Geraci & The Boston Blues All-Stars, If You Want To Get To Heaven,
Andy Santana & The West Coast Playboys, Love Sickness,
Benny Turner, Reconsider Baby,
Clarence” The Blues Man” Turner, Sabrena,
Pinetop Perkins and Jimmy Rogers with Little Mike and The Tornadoes, Pinetops Boogie Woogie,
Randy McAllister, The Push,
Jeffrey Halford and The Healers, Thunderbird Motel,
Tim Williams,The Grizzly Bear,
Mike Zito & The Wheel, Get Out Of Denver,
Karen Lovely, Cross The Water,
The Tearaways, Naughty Dog,
David M’ore, Funky It Up,
The Alchemystics, Let Them Know,
Balkun Brothers, Been Drivin’,
Brian Charette, Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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