Those Reasonable Russians | OTH 1191



putin art hs 2Rundown:

BLOCK A Above the fold – Parker

Putin and Rose – Vlad doesn’t seem so evil.
CLIP 1 Putin Rose
BLOCK B Above the fold – Blazman

Clinton Email Cover Up – Employee feared it might happen, and so…


Coming Up: Best Mac and Cheese EVER!

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BLOCK C Below the fold Parker

1. Al Roker has apologised for taking a selfie while covering deadly flooding in South Carolina. The NBC weatherman tweeted a photo of himself grinning with his raincoat-clad, two-person crew Saturday. A bright green car trapped in a partially collapsed road sat in the background.“We came down to report and I offended those who lost so much. I am sorry,” Roker tweeted Monday.Roker said the woman inside the stuck car got out safely — but the photo was still in poor taste, he admitted.

2. Story of boy who becomes a punk (because of drinking) and shoves, screams and spits on manager for refusing to serve him mac and cheese. But the real problem with this story the AP headline. Arrested over Mac and Cheese. No. That’s click bait.

Further there is this weird video service done by non-professionals called WoChit. People pay (PAY!) to upload their news videos to WoChit servers. WoChit distributes videos to news site (Yahoo, NY Post, Boston Globe, etc). No Ads. It’s the content creator wanting fame so much they pay for it.
BLOCK D Below the fold Blazman

1. Oregon Shooter on Lithium? How many others are?

2. LA Police being targeted?

3. Brain Implant to help Alzheimer’s



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Fork in the Road | BEB 197

Fork in the RoadPlaylist:

Chris Ruest, No Room For 2nd Chances,
Relative Souls, If I Had It All,
Buddy Guy, Turn Me Wild,
Billy The Kid & The Regulators, CAn’t Stand To See You Go,
The Reverend Shawn Amos, Boogie,
Ebony Jo-Ann, Muddy Water,
Jeff Chaz, Tired Of Being Lonely,
Albert Cummings, No Doubt,
Andy T-Nick Nixon, Shut The Front Door,
Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots, If It Ain’t Got Soul Vol 1,
DL Duncan, Dickerson Road,
Reverend Freakchild, All I Got Is Now,
Alectro, Fork In The Road,
The Blue Dolphins, Wide And Blue Horizons,
Jay Gordon & Blues Venom, Hobo Hilton,
The Beat Daddys, DUI Love,
Rachel & The Ruckus, Melt Away,
Andy Cohen, Seldom Seen Slim,
Zac Harmon, Raising Hell,
Deb Callahan, Shackin Up,
Debbie Davies, Love Spin,
The Alchemystics, Summer Life,
Brian Charette, Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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Calling All Mitts | OTH 1190

peace out mittRundown:

Planned Parenthood

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BLOCK C Below the fold Parker

Last week I made a prediction that Mitt Romney will be courted to run for the Republicans. I believe we have seen the first steps toward making that happen. Katie Couric interviews Ann Romney about MS.
Here’s the media strategy:
1. Dip toe in water – See what response follows Ann (Why would Ann now be openning up about MS?)
2. Slip Mitt Romney’s name in some story that is politically safe.
3. Accidentally engage the “Stumble Upon” — Mitt in story that has political substance
4. Begin to actively question if Mitt should run
5. Formally court Mitt

Couric Quick Change 1 Couric wants blood – listen to this quick change.
Couric Quick Change 2 Answer Ann Romney recites the script
Couric Trump good for Pres Pol Couric Still looking for blood tries sneak attack
Couric Who Is Best Couric begging now to have Ann Romney Pick a winner
Couric Good Position to Pick Romney Cracks Open Door for Mitt Run


What’s That Smell | BEB 196

diaper gas maskPlaylist:

Jeff Pitchell, Fat Cigar,
RJ Comer, I Wasn’t Born An Angel,
The Surreal McCoys, Whole Lotta Folsom,
Jeff Chaz, I Smell Something Funky,
The Beat Daddys, these Chains,
Ebony Jo-Ann, Just Rain,
Rachel & The Ruckus, Dancin’ With The Devil,
John Mayall, River’s Invitation,
Jay Gordon & Blues Venom,Drippin’ Blues,
The Reverend Shawn Amos, Joliet Bound,
Todd Wolfe Band, Black Queen,
Deb Callahan,i Been Hoodood,
Royal Southern Brotherhood, Hard Blues,
Billy The Kid & The Regulators, Slender Man Blues,
Betty Fox Band, Who’s Holdin’?,
Smoky Greenwell, I Earned The Right To Sing The Blues,
Lara & The Bluz Dawgz, Flat Line,
Mississippi Heat, Sweet Poison,
Selwyn Birchwood, Signs Of The Times,
Anthony Gomes, The Blues Ain’t The Blues No More,
Anthony Gomes, Hamhock Booty,
Vince Agwada, Blindsided,
Relative Souls, Mississippi Vampire,
Chris Ruest, No Use But O’Well
Brian Charette,Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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