Monthly Archives: July 2011

Economic Observer | Fed Budget Shown | The Real View of Our Cash Flow and Balance Sheet

Professor Brenner highlights the June 2011 Federal Budget. Social Security “Lockbox” is explained. Defense budget realities, and pork are spotlighted. This is going to be part of a greater series on our tax dollars.


Business Buzz | Hartford Business Journal | Publisher Gail Lebert | Print Media is GREAT Industry

Tommy Russo and Ken Cook talk with Gail Lebert of the Hartford Business Journal. Lebert found a passion for print media which was against her personal and professional upbringing. The weekly publication is about to announce its “40 Under 40” edition later this month. Gail joked with OnTheHORN owner, Brian Parker, that he missed theContinue Reading

How to PR | Andrea Obston, PR Pro, Explains How to Relate Messages to Public Everyday and in Crisis

Tommy Russo talks with Andrea Obston, President of Andrea Obston Marketing Consulting, LLC about working in public relations and the need for businesses to focus on PR. Andrea’s business story is one of entrepreneurial awakening. Vision came upon her but debt almost ruined her. Andrea moved from a rank-and-file employee to owner of one ofContinue Reading

Date Doctor | When To Meet the Kids?

Show Notes: Crush is available at and  for the kindle version Follow us on facebook Follow erik on twitter, follow jaimy on twitter Jaimy shares pieces of her book Tonight we talk about Nick! Paul asks the Date Doctor when is too soon to meet the kids (this one is only 4 monthsContinue Reading | Sen. Witkos Says Police Will Adapt to New “Pot” Laws

State Sen. Kevin Witkos, R-Canton, was the special guest Thursday on NewsTalkTonight with CTNewsJunkie’s Christine Stuart and host Brian Parker at the studios in Glastonbury. The discussion covered Connecticut’s new marijuana laws and how police are dealing with them, the state budget, and other issues. Witkos, who serves as a Canton police officer inContinue Reading

Rocketman | Eric Knight | On Business, Dreams, and Perseverance

Host Tommy Russo talks with inventor and rocket scientist Eric Knight. Knight (owner of Remarkable Technologies) and his colleagues were the world’s first (and still only) group of private citizens to successfully launch a rocket into space. Self funded, this endeavor was more about a dream than the money. Knight cataloged the effort in aContinue Reading

Grenades thrown at Working Families Party | Green vs. Healy

Before leaving office as Chairman of the Connecticut State Republicans, Chris Healy lobbed a grenade at Jon Green, the executive director of the Working Families Party.  The Democrats running for office in 2010 split the cost of a political adviser and the complex SEEC (State Elections Enforcement Commission) rules where not clear on how theContinue Reading

On The HORN | Rich & Powerful Above the Law? | What’s next for Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Brian and Dave talk with guest Susan Campbell of the Hartford Courant newspaper about former IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the news coverage of his arrest. Did Strauss-Kahn get special treatment by justice system and unfair coverage by the news media? What about the victim? Did she get  justice? Also on the show, the DateContinue Reading