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ADD/ADHD Seen As Gift?

Author & Speaker Dr Kevin Ross Emery speaks in great detail about the “gift” of having ADD/HD. He explores some of the challenges of growing up with ADD/HD and how the public school system can improve how they work with children that have been diagnosed with it. The conversation also addresses what it is like to work in a corporate enviroment as well as running your own business as an individual who once again is dealing with ADD/HD. Dr Kevin is insightful, entertaining and rather informative in this lively conversation.

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State Comptroller Kevin Lembo explains why Connecticut’s budget may be in jeopardy, again. ran an article about the differing opinions of Gov. Malloy and Comptroller Lembo. With the federal debt limit being raised, the money Connecticut receives from Washington D.C. for Medicaid could be slashed. Lembo says we count on that money for reimbursementContinue Reading