Monthly Archives: September 2011

OnTheHORN | Mike Tierney | Entertainer to the Stars!

Mike Tierney, President of Audio Media Solutions, discusses with Tommy Russo that a well thought out business plan is not always needed to start and run a successful business. Mike, is a multi-disciplined and talented entertainer/entrepreneur who has managed through his fair share of stumbling and fumbling to be running a business that continues to experience dramatic growth in a down economy. This is a lively exchange that you don’t want to miss.


Business Buzz | Exit Your Business Before You Open It | Touchstone Advisors | Michael Camerota

Michael Camerota, President and Founder of Touchstone Advisors discusses with Tommy Russo the ins and outs, dos and don’ts of starting and running a business in the 21st Century.  With a rather varied business background, Michael expresses his firm belief that having a strategic plan along with an exit strategy is an absolute must before youContinue Reading