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Black Eyed and Blues Music Hour | Updated 12/14/2011

Each Week, host Brian Lee (the world famous bartender at Black Eyed Sally’s restaurant in Hartford) showcases the musicians that have performed at Black Eyed Sally’s.

Join in the raucous  discussions online about life, music and food and WIN GIFT CARDS to Black Eyed Sally’s!

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Business to the Wealthy Still Viable Plan | Interior Designer Randy Hall

Randy Hall brings a whole lot of energy and fun to this interview. Her career as a successful interior designer has spanned the past 4 decades and she is just getting started. Her discussion with Tommy Russo covers a whole lot of ground though the primary focus is she demonstrates that passion combined with greatContinue Reading

WTIC 1080 AM Business Guru | Alden Davis | How to Manage A Management Consulting Business

Tommy Russo & Brian Parker welcome back Alden Davis to Business Buzz.  Alden is the founder of and also a former host of Business Buzz.  Alden shares with great depth and insight how he made the transition from being an employee of corporate America to running his own business and having that same corporateContinue Reading

Through ADHD Understanding | Business Find New Way To Succeed

Dr Kevin Ross Emery shares with Tommy Russo in this most entertaining interview his unique yet results focused way to work with corporations to help them to achieve greater results in every aspect of their operation.  Dr Kevin likes to stir things up and his time spent with Tommy on this show is no exception. | CTNewsJunkie | Economist Cancels, But The Summit Goes On

The economist that seems to be on every politicians speed dial won’t be attending Thursday’s “Economic Summit” at the Connecticut Convention Center. Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, has been called to Washington D.C. to testify before Congress as President Obama’s jobs plan seems to have finally met Republican opposition in less than aContinue Reading