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Occupy Is Terrorism?

Is this a wannabe Jack Bauer?

After seeing the pictures of the OC Davis policeman pepper-spraying non-violent protesters, we were all upset with police action. Then we hear about Occupiers winging bottles of water at people who are just going about their day (link). The lines of “good” have become blurred. With the O.CA. (Occupy California) crowd vowing to crash all operations at ports in their home state as an example, some are starting to call the O.CA. a terrorist group.

What’s your opinion?

Our friend and professional actor Michael Ciulla joins us to ad a bit of light-hearted cheer and discuss this important article: Everything I Need to Know I Learned as a Cheerleader. We think he has personal experience.

Social Media A Farce?

Larry Goldberg, a seasoned broadcast marketing/sales management executive discusses with Tommy Russo the ever increasing need to have a strong brand.  Larry shares his thoughts on how traditional media combined with social media has the potential to provide a one two punch to     any businesses marketing strategy. This is one rather lively discussionContinue Reading

NASA Tests First Component of New Deep Space Exploration System

By Jay Patterson and Lon Seidman One of NASA’s gigantic rocket transport crawlers was put back into service November 16, delivering a mobile launch tower and platform (ML) to launch pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center. Keep Reading Here

Verizon Wireless Seeks Protective Order on Siting Council Survey Response | CT Tech Junkie

By Lon Seidman CTTechJunkie As electric utilities faced Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Two Storm Panel this week, at least one wireless telephone provider is working to avoid public scrutiny of their performance by the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC). The CSC sent the state’s wireless providers a survey on Sept. 22 requesting information on network performanceContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Boeing Stock Good Value, But Hard to See | Jim Jubak

By Jim Jubak I still like shares of Boeing (BA) even though the stock didn’t quite make my target price of $84 by September 2011. (It closed at $66.09 on November 17.) Short of a global depression I think developing economy airlines are going to add planes as air travel in those economiesContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OnTheHORN | Business Buzz | Making the Track to Success

Bill Jawitz, President of Success Track, LLC brings a unique and fresh prospective to running a successful  business in the 21st Century.  Tommy Russo gets Bill to share some of the techniques he uses with his client base. Bill is a well-respected business coach with a well-established track record of leading and inspiring his clients toContinue Reading

OnTheHORN | Business Buzz | Music Industry Accountant Shares Stories

Alan Friedman, senior partner at Friedman, Kannenberg & CO, PC shares with Tommy Russo how he and his firm helps to guide their client base in running their businesses in challenging times. Alan’s firm has been a CT staple for well over 25 years now and though their clientele is rather diverse they have foundContinue Reading