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Meet The Candidates | Speaker of the House Chris Donovan | US Congress

State Representative Chris Donovan spends some time discussing his run for US Congress. Chris wants to be known for his efforts to help working families. Our impressions of Chris of a honest friendly public servant who is taking a shot at a much higher office. Only a few hiccups for Chris, albeit some answers we felt were wish-washy.

Author K. Dawn Goodwin | Until He Comes | Simon & Schuster

Generous with her words and memories, author K. Dawn Goodwin shares her memoir OnTheHORN. Who She Is: Dawn Goodwin is a 36 year old Connecticut native, the daughter of recovered fundamentalist missionaries and a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, where she majored in English and Creative Writing, despite her deep-seated fear-n-loathing of Famous Literature. Little KnownContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Tonight @ 8pm: Speaker of the House Chris Donovan | Simon Schuster Author K Dawn Goodwin

Tonight at 8pm on NewsTalk Tonight: Rep. Christopher G. Donovan, Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, sits with Brian Parker to discuss his run for Congress. He was sworn in as Speaker on January 7, 2009, and began his second term as Speaker in January 2011. Author K. Dawn Goodwin, Until He Comes from SimonContinue Reading

OP-ED | MPAA Overreaches in Attempts to Thwart Piracy

By: Lon Seidman | The late Steve Jobs’ negotiations with the recording industry are now the stuff of legend. He famously told clueless music executives who refused to offer their product digitally that they had their “heads up their asses” and needed to start selling their content in the least restrictive way to saveContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What’s Your Favorite Business Brand!

Tommy Russo’s guest for this segment of Business Buzz us Loretta Peters, owner of Competitive Edge Branding. Loretta is a self-proclaimed Brand and Online Identity expert. Her expertise shines through as she discusses the process she puts her clients through in helping them to first discover and establish their brand and then she switches gearsContinue Reading

Tom Hickey & Bob Carr from WH Media

From working for the “man” to being the “man” in the wonderful world of magazine publishing! Tommy Russo shares the studios with two rather dynamic guests. Tom Hickey and Bob Carr both discuss their career paths and though they have led them to a similar place at this point in time, the choices thatContinue Reading

From Nun to None-Other | Celebrated Author Dorothy Martin-Neville

Dr Dorothy discusses with ease and humor how her amazing life journey has unfolded.  She comfortably shares with Tommy Russo how courage and a relentless vision of a life meant for greatness was what kept her steadily on the path of achievement.  Dottie and Tommy also share with their listeners the good news of theContinue Reading