Monthly Archives: January 2012

Taste of Hartford: Carbone’s

Carbone’s Risto- rante, Connect- icut’s “Best Italian” restaurant as voted by readers of Connecticut Magazine in 2012, will be amongnearly 30 of Hartford’s top restaurants participating in the winter Taste of Hartford from January 23 to February 5. Presented by the Greater Hartford Arts Council in partnership with the Hartford Advocate, the Taste of Hartford gives local diners and visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy city restaurants at a great price. Continue Reading at…

White House Tech Chief Offers Progress Report Before Changing Jobs

The Obama administration has been working behind the scenes over the last few years to upgrade information technology throughout the federal government in an effort to improve intra- and inter-agency communication.Continue Reading

Internet Business Interview | CEO David Ciccarelli

CEO of David Ciccarelli explains how he is solving a business problem using the Internet. Voice actors get work through demo tapes (or mp3s nowadays). They must submit and network with hundreds to get there talents know. provides a “‘grocery store” for talent-seekers to browse. Following the popular user-driven content model, David hasContinue Reading

Got Some Good Notes Up Your Sleeve?

Overachieving college students may soon be able to generate revenue from their notebooks when Israeli startup Sleeve launches later this year. Sleeve co-founder and CEO Ido Volff visited the University of Hartford last week as part of a Metro Hartford Alliance initiative to connect Israeli and Connecticut companies. Volff believes that learning needs to change nowContinue Reading