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Is College Worth It Now?

Sal Presutti

A college education is worth it to you if money is not an issue. But for many, the answer to the question is personal, dependent on whether you have to borrow money, dependent on what you study and get a degree in, and dependent on whether you can get a job after graduation that pays enough to repay loans, enjoy life and provide for your family without undue financial stress.

If money is no problem and student loans aren’t needed, go ahead – enrich yourself. Study what you like for as long as you like.

On the other hand if you have to borrow money, approach your college education as an investment. In today’s economy getting a college degree is no longer a guarantee of getting a job or a higher income. Ask any of the millions of unemployed or underemployed graduates. They will tell you that before making the investment, study your options and consider how much you are willing to invest in educating yourself. They will advise you to think carefully about which school to attend and what degree to pursue. Research what the likely return on your investment will be in terms of job opportunities and income ranges after you graduate.
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NAACP Chief Calls for Action on Alleged Racial Profiling by Police Across the State; Public Safety Chairman Agrees

The head of the Connecticut NAACP is calling for the state legislature, Gov. Malloy and even the US Justice Department to act in the wake of a report that shows black and Hispanic drivers are much more likely to face citations or court dates from traffic stops than white motorists.Continue Reading

Show 40 | Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

In this week’s show, Brian Lee talks with Alexis P. Suter. Known for her top hats, she tells Lee about her fans making the “Mad Hatter Clubs” all over the USA. Two of Suter’s songs are featured this week, as we get ready to welcome her this Saturday to Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford. GiftContinue Reading

Interview | State Rep. William Tong Seeks Nomination For U.S. Senate

State Rep. William Tong of the 147th District (Stamford and New Canaan) has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Rep. Tong was this week’s NewsTalkTonight guest OnTheHORN. Is Tong a strong enough candidate to win against sitting U.S. Congressman Chris Murphy? How about Linda McMahon? His missionContinue ReadingContinue Reading

GOP Website Contracts A Virus

House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero said when Republican staffers discovered their caucus blog had a rootkit virus they tried to handle it in the least “invasive” way possible, but they realized they can’t do that so they’ve taken it down. “We haven’t determined the mechanism how, but we want to put out the word toContinue Reading

Show 39 | Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

Studio Guest Ryan Hartt Contest Winner – Danielle Gugliotti Playlist: Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts – Call My Name, Alexis P. Suter – Free, Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts – Sleepwalki, Maryleigh & the Fauves – Foolish Girl, Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts – Real Prince Charming, Cobalt Rhythm Kings – JuicyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Interview | Rep Chris Murphy – Running for Senate

The affable Chris Murphy walks through his platform with Here are some of the questions, listen for his answers. Economy: Fannie and Freddie off the hook? Chris says one goal to helping economy is protecting homes. Low rates and reasonable monthly payments, Chris says is one method of helping — but why not ensureContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What Do You Mean, “Tenure”?

Author: David Cicarella, NHFT President. Originally Found at New Haven Independent. David Cicarella, NHFT President Tenure is perhaps the most misunderstood topic in public education. Renewed cries to change or abolish tenure have surfaced once again. It is widely believed that tenure provides lifetime job security for teachers. And this erroneous belief is almost universal,Continue Reading

“Losers Raise Losers” Hartford Courant | Bob Englehart

People talk all the time about what cushy jobs teachers have. But how about the position of editorial cartoonist? There are few jobs in the world in which the employee can insult anyone he wants with near-impunity. Yet that’s what The Hartford Courant’s Bob Englehart does on a weekly basis — or, since he’s joinedContinue Reading

CL&P says victims of October storm outages to get $140 credit

Approximately 192,000 Connecticut Light & Power customers who lost power for days in the wake of the freak snowstorm of Oct. 29 will receive a $140.22 credit in their February bills, the utility company announced Wednesday (Feb. 1). In the face of intense criticism over its response to failure to restore power in some partsContinue Reading