Malloy Signals Major Shift in his Message

Maybe it was the fresh mountain air of Switzerland or maybe it was the realization their approach wasn’t working, but over the last 48 hours we’ve seen the Malloy Administration make a  significant shift in the way they are talking about the state’s problems and Malloy’s record to date.

For months, Governor Dannel Malloy, Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management Ben Barnes and Chief Advisor Roy Occhiogrosso have been diligently sticking to their message that Connecticut’s fiscal health is back on track and all will be well.

In recent weeks, even when Comptroller Kevin Lembo raised specific concerns about the health of the state budget, even when Moody’s Investment Service downgraded Connecticut’s Bond Rating, even when the Legislature’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis determined that Connecticut’s state budget actually had a deficit and not a surplus and even when OFA determined that Malloy’s purported pension savings were completely off base, the Malloy Administration claimed that they were right and everyone else was wrong.

A couple of months ago, Ben Barnes, Malloy’s Budget Chief  reported that “the enacted budget returns the state to structural balance for the foreseeable future, with operating surpluses projected in each year of the biennium. We are projecting a General Fund balance of $79.1 million this month, an improvement of $3.5 million from last month’s estimate”  ”  Ben Barnes 11-15-2011

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