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OFB 32 | Get $10 Million for Your Business Idea!

It’s not alchemy.  It’s not having a money tree.  It’s crowdfunding – the latest means for entrepreneurs or anyone with an idea or project to get funding.  Tom Russo and Ken Cook had as their guest this week on Open for Business Bob Metzler, an attorney and Principal with Cohn, Birnbaum & Shea in Hartford.  Bob has looked long and hard at crowdfunding, what it entails, and what the roadblocks for it might be.

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OFB 31 | Rags to Riches: Columbia Dental

You hear their commercials everywhere. A great rags to riches story, hear how Dr. Abbas Mohammadi, DDS started with only $200 in his pocket and sleeping in his car, learned some valuable lessons from unrelated businesses, and why working 7 days a weeks isn’t like working 7 days a week.Continue Reading

OFB 30 | Even Disasters Give Rise to Good Businesses

Danny Strong is a fledgling entrepreneur with a rapidly growing company. This could be a recipe for disaster. From the start, cash flow was like a world class roller coaster for the first three plus years. Early hire employees were friends, and not so good employees. Big competitors were getting all of the referrals. AnyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Show 52 | Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

Show 52 Playlist: Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents-You’re the Best,The Liza Colby Sound-Bad Love,Chris Bergson- Gowanus Heights,Petey Hop- Have a Good Time,Michael Cleary Band- When You Get Back, Sugar Ray and the Bluetones- I Like My Baby’s Pudding, Mojomatics- Soy Baby. Download to iTunes: Brian T. Lee and the Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

My TWiT Vid: App for iPad | The Economist

I’ve become a raving (not raging) fan of TWiT, the technology netcasting empire built by Leo Laporte. Of the many I recommend, iPad Today is the most immediately useful for consumers/users of the iPad. Each week the hosts, Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte, as viewers to submit videos explaining cool features or applications for the iPad.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Is He Rell Yet?

For General Assembly Democrats determined to frustrate Governor Dannel Malloy’s education reform plan, the most recent projected budget deficits came just in time. Ben Barnes, Mr. Malloy’s money cruncher at the Office of Policy Management (OPM), and Comptroller Kevin Lembo, after dickering over the red figures, have agreed that the budget is in deficit byContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB: Biggest Beneficiary of Travelers Championship?

We are less than five weeks from the #1 sporting event in the State of CT – The Travelers Championship. This event is huge, both in terms of time and money. The millions invested by Travelers Insurance as the lead sponsor. The Hundreds-of-Thousands invested by all of the other sponsors. The time freely given byContinue ReadingContinue Reading


How America really chooses its president May 9th 2012, 13:36 by The Economist online How America’s electoral college worksContinue Reading

NewsTalk Tonight : Sue Your Meanie Boss | Cops Ignore Profiling Rules? | Session Wrapping Up

Review of the Supreme Court decision (first of its kind in the country) upholding an award for emotional distress thanks to a hostile work environment, allowing a $94,500.00 judgment. Racial Profiling laws that have been mostly “ignored” for the last 12 years. Should cops report on your race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc? Budget and educationContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Show 51 | Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

Put Your Soul Records On- Scott Sharrard, Fiyo on the Bayou- Shaka & the Soul Shakers,One More Night- Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts, My Baby- Paco & Co., Free James Brown- Michael Cleary Band,Off the Wall- Sugar Ray & the Bluetones,Bandit of Love- Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents, Big Ol’ Heart- Jenny Dee &Continue ReadingContinue Reading