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WT&F 9 | Pink Gin and Gunga Din!

Explore the world of GIN, in this insightful, fun and zany night of GIN discussion and tasting. What is Pink Gin ? Who invented it ? Why is it called Gin ? Do they really make it in bathtubs ? What are Bitters ? all these questions get answered and a whole lot more occurs as the conversations go from …”Your a better man than I, Gunga Din” to having Jon Lynch bartender extrodinaire from the Birch Hill Tavern creating an exclusive first time Gin cocktail for us on the show. Check it out, you will be amazed !
Cheers from the folks at  WINE, FOOD & FUN.
See you next week at Tuesday nights at 8:15

Show 57 | Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

PLAYLIST: Dr. Strangelove- Joe Moss Band,Real Prince Charming- Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts, Caravan- Jr Krauss & the Shakes,Marquis de Swamp- Sauce Boss,My Heart is Mended-Randy Oxford Band,Low Down- XY Eli, Devils Look Like Angels- Rev Payton’s Big Damn Band, An Eye For An Eye- Doug Demingand Dennis Gruenling & the Jeweltones, Rockin’ All Day-Continue Reading

OFB 36 | Don’t Be Lazy; Online Marketing Easy | Vanishing Veins Success

This segment of “Open For Business” features Dr. Bruce Stein speaking with Ken Cook & Tommy Russo.  Bruce is the Executive Director of Vanishing Veins & Vivesse, both located in the greater Hartford area. Bruce shares with Ken & Tommy how he made the decision to retire from his practice as a Gastroenterologist and turnContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Apple APP video features

Chief Techie at, Lon Seidman, has featured our blues music show in his video about the new Apple APP for podcasts. Here’s the video and what he has to say about the APP. Apple released a stand alone podcast application that allows you to stream or download thousands of commercial and independently produced content.Continue Reading

WT&F 8 | We French Oui | Elliot Thomas & Paul Winter

Chris Didden the “Wine Guy” along with Elliot Thomas along with special guest stars…Brian Lee & Paul Winter. In this episode Chris gets serious about the French, and their Sancerre wines…..Chris and wine expert Paul Winter dive into the nether world of the obscure when they approach and try to figure out the nuances, theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Markley Calls Malloy Initiative “High Profile Photo-Op”

CT-Sen. Joe Markley, R-Southington, is critical of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s “First Five Initiative,” in the wake of another award under the program, this time $51 million to Alexis Pharmaceuticals.  The money from the Malloy administration will enable the company, which is located in Cheshire where part of Markley’s 16th Senatorial District exists, to leaveContinue ReadingContinue Reading

NASA Says ‘No’ to Space Traffic Cop Role

NASA officials appear to realize that the space agency’s role may be changing with the arrival of privately operated spacecraft, but they insist they don’t plan to become a regulatory authority for space flight any time soon.Continue Reading

Behind the Video Episode 8 – Crazy Ex-Girlfriends, Adam Sandler and More

This week on the show we talk about the announced Sesame Street movie, creepy ex-girlfriends on YouTube, and our frustrations trying to organize Pinterest. Brian Parker from joins Goldie Chan and Lon Seidman for this week’s episode.Continue Reading

“Food Stamps Help You Lose Weight.” Federal Government Rewards States Who Sign Up More For Benefits

The United States Agriculture Department is running ads not only playing up why people should sign up for food stamps, but is rewarding states big time money, if they sign up more people to the program. Here are some eye-opening numbers about the program, as reported in a Wall St. Journal editorial. Keep Reading …

OFB 35 | Replace Your Website with an APP?

Guest Expert: Matt Service, owner of Service Internet Solutions Having a website is good business sense, right? Ten years ago, we all questioned why we might need a website. Now APPs are the fad. Do we need a website and an APP? To answer this (or just further grapple with) Matt Sevice explains the trend andContinue Reading