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McMahon: The Epitome of Attempting to Buy a US Senate Seat

Back in April, when The Shad was asked by some reporter friends what I thought of Linda McMahon making another run for the US Senate, I said, “In for $50 million, in for $100 million.” I was only half joking, referring to McMahon’s $50 million-plus losing campaign against Democrat Richard Blumenthal in 2010 and the chances that she wouldn’t hesitate to drop that much and more in her latest effort. Now we know that’s the case. With a little more than a week to go, the Republican nominee is shamelessly engaged in a spending spree that has become the epitome of attempting to simply buy the US Senate seat.

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Let’s Crowdsource Sandy – Help Us Track Outages, Other Storm-related Issues Here

Are you ready for Sandy? Here’s a list of what you need to be prepared. This time, you can be part of the solution. . .Continue Reading

The Connecticut Apple Shortage

Connecticut farmers, and farmers everywhere, have always been at the mercy of Mother Nature. This year apple growers in Connecticut are hurting more than ever. According to the Hartford Courant, crops are down to about 16 percent this year due  to an April freeze that damaged early budding apple blossoms. Changes in weather patterns have beenContinue Reading

OFB 53 | Confidence vs. Hubris | The Art of Selling Professional Services

AUDIO There is a thin line between confidence and hubris. This is true is what ever we do, be especially in selling professional services. The top eleven business writers (Seth Godin, Alan Weiss, Keith Ferrazzi and others), have teamed up for a focused look at this most delicate endeavor: How to Sell Professional Services. IsContinue Reading

Should You Buy a New iPad or iPad Mini?

Want to know all about the new iPad and iPad mini? We offer a concise set of descriptions and recommendations on the new products. 4th Generation iPad We were only talking about the “new” iPad in March and today Apple just announced its 4th Generation iPad. The display is identical to the current iPad with retina display,Continue Reading

Show 74 | Black-Eyed and Blues

Playlist 74: Grayson Hugh- Blind to Reason, Forward Motion- Suzy, Joe Louis Walker- Hellfire, Tommy Castro-Monkey’s Paradise, Biscuit Miller- Walk with You Baby, Roxy Perry- Back in Bluesville, Anthony Gomes- Hamhock Booty, Anthony Gomes- Back to the Start. Download to iTunes: Brian T. Lee and the Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour

Vatican Advisor | YES to Priest Marriages

There’s a mild kerfuffle about in the world of orthodox Catholicism, because Scottish philosopher (and advisor to the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture), has written a piece in The Tablet (pay wall) saying that it’s time once again for the Catholic Church to ordain married men as priests: This is not a case of simply increasing theContinue Reading

TWiT | I Got Frisked! iPad Mini, Camera Phone Etiquette, Microsoft Surface, Throw-away computers

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Dwight Silverman, John C. Dvorak, and Jerry Pournelle. CLICK HERE TO WATCH! iPad Mini, camera phone etiquette, Microsoft Surface, throw-away computer, easier blackmail, 20″ tablet, and more. Download or subscribe to this show at For additional show notes, visit the wiki page for this episode. Audio bandwidth for This Week in Tech is provided by Winamp forContinue Reading

The Social Hour 82 | Pheed, Klout Passbook, Yelp Crackdown

Amber & Sarah chat about Pheed’s future, Twistory’s demise, beating social negativity, The Taploid for Facebook, & more! CLICK HERE TO WATCH Hosts: Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane Download or subscribe to this show at Contribute to our show! Send us an email at or leave us a voicemail at 2626-SOCIAL (262-676-2425). We invite you to read, add to,Continue Reading

iFive for the iPhone 12

We show you how to hide your Newsstand app, add emojis to EVERYTHING, Sosh for great activities, Flayvr for photo organizing, & more! CLICK TO WATCH Email us at Leave a voicemail: (614) ON-IFIVE People: Sarah Lane Links – Macstories StifleStand article – StifleStand – Sōsh – flayvr – How to go Emoji crazy!