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OFB 57 | Apple’s Next Steps

Hot Potato News —

iPad owned 88% of Black Friday deals LINK

Arrests made at Walmart on Friday for snooty strikers LINK

IPOs in a deep freeze for now LINK


Brian Parker: Chief HORN at

Jeffery Powers: Jeffrey Powers – Owner and podcaster at – Started 5 years ago this month. 3 podcasts – Geek Smack!, iPad app show iPad365 and Day in Tech History – Daily rundown of technology history 365 days a year. Also just started a new website – How to Record Podcasts – where he help people with their shows.

Salvatore Presutti: Sal Presutti immigrant entrepreneur, real estate developer, history and economics teacher and all around problem solver.

Big Story —

Apple’s next Big Thing! Rumors and wants from the blogosphere!

Apple and AI

Apple TV Redux

iPhone 5s – Do we care about that – Samsung hugeness vs the iPhone Thumb gauge – does anyone use there phone with just one hand – impact on driving and texting? 23x More likely to get into accident.

Passbook vs Wallet   **  Is Passbook dying too soon? Is payment the next big Change the world idea from Apple – Influence from itunes?

OFB 56 | Inappropriate Holiday Thankyous To Customers

OFB 56 | Saying thank you should not be reserved just for Thanksgiving, HP has no thanks for Autonomy, WalMart survived “no thanks” from workers, SAC Capital are just thankless bastards.  On this edition of OFB Tom, Ken and Brian get in the spirit of the season and discuss saying thanks. First, some Hot PotatoContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 78 | Robert Johnson Found Alive!

Playlist: Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez- Jungle Twist, Paco & Co.- Lotto, Coco Montoya- The One That Really Loves You, Roxy Perry- Blues Comes To Call, Popa Chubby- Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer, Ryan Hartt & The Blue Hearts-One More Night, Lustre Kings-Lookin’ For My Baby, Oli Brown- Evil Soul, The Grimm Generation- SomedayContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Black Eyed and Blues 77 | Rockin’ Roxy Perry

PLAYLIST: Johnny Sansone- Popeyes and a Hubigs Part 2, Heather Hardy- Change, Roberto Morbioli- Better Half of Me, Bad Rooster- Downshift, Roxy Perry- That Night in Memphis, Larry McCray- Blues is My Business, Dan Stevens- Ramblin’, Coco Montoya- Hey Senorita, Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez- Highway 61,Roxy Perry- Roadmaster, The Mojomatics- Soy Baby. SHOW NOTES:Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Your Funny Reactions To ELMO DEATH

From the Twitterverse, some reactions to Elmo resigning. Got one of your own? @Britt_A – IS NOTHING SACRED? FIRST ELMO NOW I HEAR RUMOURS PINNOCCHIO WAS SCREWING HOWDY DOODY! @KeyNINEPi – Who’s gonna be the voice of Elmo?!…. Like I actually care @dmercurioo – “Hi my name’s Elmo and I have someone’s hand up my ass” @andymorningbuzz –Continue Reading

Growing Senior Population Is Challenge for CT Workforce

As recently as 2010, 14 percent of Connecticut’s population was age 65 or older.  By 2025, that percentage will increase to 20 percent, and will continue to climb.  The implications of a larger, older population on the state’s economy and a range of services present both challenges and opportunities for the state.  Some suggest thatContinue ReadingContinue Reading

High Cost of SAT-Prep Classes Hurt Low Income Students Aiming for College

When high school students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), their shot at a college career often hangs in the balance.  Recognizing the importance of the standardized exam, many students take private preparatory classes that explain how the SAT differs from exams students are accustomed to taking in class.Continue Reading

OFB 55 | Sir Richard Branson Drives Wagon Off Cliff to Avoid Landmines!

An American icon rises, Branson is audacious, and landmines and cliffs.  On this edition of OFB Tom, Ken and Brian revisit a favorite from our childhood with the Radio Flyer wagon.  Sir Richard Branson discusses the need for audacity.  Ken rants on the dismal NFC East.  And we look at the post election forecasts, fiscalContinue Reading

VIDEO REVIEW | Windows 8: A Dramatic Departure from Prior Versions

Microsoft is betting big on Windows 8’s new interface that is designed more for touch screens and tablets than keyboards and mice. The biggest and most noticeable change happens after the machine boots, where a colorful start screen replaces the traditional desktop interface and start menu. Applications are represented by small and large squares onContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OP-ED | Buy More Guns and Ammo – Barack is Back!

Elections around the world are a mixed bag, from peaceful transitions to immediate civil war. In the US we have wore a badge of honor that the most powerful political position, President, changes hands without violence. This maybe coming to an end. What does this say about us? What do these people intend to doContinue Reading