You Didn’t Build That Business? Neither Did Obama | Grocer Gives Business to Employees

Joe Lueken, after 46 years, is getting out of the grocery business in a VERY BIG WAY.  As the ultimate act of generosity and thankfulness Joe is giving his business to his employees.

Lueken’s Village Foods is a great family business with two stores in upstate Minnesota and one in North Dakota.  The business provided the livelihood for the Lueken family and the families of 400 employees.  And Joe is thanking those employees because he knows that without them the business doesn’t exist.

Through an Employee Stock Ownership Program and no money down the employees are becoming the collective owners of the company.  The Lueken family will realize a return over a 3-5 year period.

Joe’s generosity helps you smile.  My question – does generosity pay off in other ways?

Think about the PR.  Think about the dedication of employees.  Think about the collective energy that can spur future growth.

Generosity should exist on its own.  Don’t keep score.  But don’t be surprised when your generosity surprises you in many positive ways.

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