Choose to be Fat | Why to stop juicing

mess sink 2Day 2 of Juicing (ala Fat Sick and Almost Dead) is going well, but I’ve found the secret as to why people would stop juicing. Cleaning the f-ing juicer!

The trick seems to be cleaning it before you clean it. That is, scrub and rinse the easy stuff away, then don the juicer parts in the dishwasher.

I’ve had no major issues with nausea or other bathroom related fiascos. Some nutrition blogs say people who consume a lot of alcohol end up in the loo more often because the Harvey Wallbangers they slug down are filled with super neural toxins. When they detox, there’s a lot of ugly.

Breakfast is great – Small cup of black tea then juice oranges, apples, blueberries and strawberries.

Lunch and dinner have been broccoli and carrots with lemon and lime. It’s oka, but I keep day dreaming about a Butterfinger candy bar.

Morning Weigh-in: 238lbs (-4.5lbs)     Very motivating!


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