About the HORN

HORN-in-Chief: Brian Parker

When he was seven years old, he recorded himself monologuing  the story of Mich Horseshoe, the anti-protagonist if his epic radio drama “How the West Was Not Won.” Brian spent most of his youth and young adulthood on stage, but always liked the theatre-of-the-mind that radio created.

In addition to running a small business in Connecticut, Brian has work at CBS Radio and WMAS 94.7FM. Brian also produces national commercial voice overs. You hear him everywhere!


HORN Pro Tempore: David M. Moore

Attorney Dave Moore is a named partner at Smith & Moore, LLC in Avon. Dave does a lot of Family Law Mediation and Collaboration, Probate, Personal Injury and Real Estate work, and general law practice stuff. He’s been practicing law for 22 years, and as we all know, “Practice makes perfect” (although Dave will never admit to being perfect, other than perfectly funny).

Dave has also “dabbled” in radio during his time in the Law. He co-hosted the Evening Show, a two hour radio variety show that aired in Connecticut and Los Angeles, and for a time was a regular guest on WTIC’s afternoon drive show. Dave has three extra-smart teenagers who masquerade as his kids, and lives in Simsbury with his wife Liz and the kids.


Music Director: Brian T. Lee

Serving you the tunes as well as he serves you the drinks! This bartender-by-day; music-superhero-by-night is a master of mixology regardless of definition. Brian’s keen sense of style and vast knowledge of music energize his on air talents and off air efforts.  Brian lives with his wife, Diane, in Hartford.

A very special thanks to our advisory board.

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