advert hornRate Card:

$100 CPM Downloads. For every 100,000 downloads these advertisers pay $10,000.

$400/mo  Banner Ads on each page of the website.

$500/mo Show Mentions – Name of your company and one sentence.

$1000/mo Top of site banner (Only 1 available – June 2015)

$1200/mo Live read commercials (:60s). This is subject to approval by station. We only read commercials in which we believe. Our audience has given us hyper-trust, so we must create the commercial with you — not a rip and read scenario.

$3100/mo Name the Studio. Each show begins with announcement of us netcasting from “LMN CO Studios” plus live reads, top banner placement, and quarterly appearance on any show you choose.


mic ontheairOutside-the-Box:

Make your show!

You’re own show? Sure we do that! We handle all the technical aspects of the show and give pointers to making you sound good!

Under 15 minutes – $19/week
15 – 60 minutes – $39/week
Every hour after – $29/week

12 minute show: $19/wk
45 minutes show: $39/wk
2 hour 40 minute show: $39 + $29 + $29 = $97