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Vatican Advisor | YES to Priest Marriages

There’s a mild kerfuffle about in the world of orthodox Catholicism, because Scottish philosopher (and advisor to the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture), has written a piece in The Tablet (pay wall) saying that it’s time once again for the Catholic Church to ordain married men as priests:

This is not a case of simply increasing the number of clergy and nor is it an easy solution to the challenge of halting the decline. Rather a married contingent can better resemble and reassemble the faithful and speak to it of what they know of its needs and difficulties, and speak also to the celibates now not from without but within the brotherhood of the ordained.

The final straw, he says is the decade of sexual abuse scandals, which many Catholics still want to minimize by saying, “Hey, other people have this problem, too” (this month’s example: the Boy Scouts):

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