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Love Whip Blues | BEB 226

Playlist: Rebel Alliance, Work One Day, Brummy Brothers, Weed, Whiskey,Women, Danny Draher Band, Li’l Girl, Bronze Radio Return, Mister,Mister, Gus Spenos, If You Were Gold, Baby, Otis Clay, Mississippi Poor Boy, The Hitman Blues Band, Bad Bad Man, Tim Bastmeyer, Malted Milk, Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore, She’s My Crazy Little Baby, The YoungContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Coming Out Swingin’ | BEB 225

  Playlist: Buddy Guy, Whiskey, Beer and Wine, Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots, Genuine Southern Hospitality, Lisa Mann, Always Nobody, Mr. Sipp The Mississippi Blues Child, Miss Jones, Delgado Brothers, Let’s Go, Delgado Brothers, Melissa, Delgado Brothers, Be THe One, Delgado Brothers, Betty Sue Boogaloo, Billy Price & Otis Clay, Somebody’s Changing My Sweet Baby’sContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Let the Big Dog Eat | BEB 224

Playlist: Kalo, Treat Me Bad, Brothers Brown, Love Sake, In Layman Terms, I’m Not Ready, Jeff Chaz, I’m Going After Moby Dick In A Rowboat, Albert Castiglia, Big Toe, Albert Castiglia, Put Some Stank On It, Albert Castiglia, Get Your Ass In The Van, Albert Castiglia, Let The Big Dog Eat, Two Timer, Tie OneContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Purple Rain (Blues) | BEB 223

Playlist: Easy Baby, Never Going Back To Memphis, The Alchemystics, Shine, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Wolf At The Door, Consider The Source, Many Words Of Disapproval, Two Timer, 5 Dollars, Ivor S. K., Help Poor Me, Mark Wenner, Walking By Myself, Jeff Jensen, Brunette Woman, In Layman Terms, Don’t Even Try, Jeff Chaz, IContinue ReadingContinue Reading

George Clooney Sings | BEB 222

Playlist: John Nemeth, STONED, Tess Henley, Positively Me, Papermoon Gypsys,Love Medication, Bella’s Bartok, The Fiddler & The Devil, Brauninger McDaniel,Wish You The Best, In Layman’s Terms, Tangled, Jonathan Cavier, January, Bob Corritore w/Robert Lockwood Jr, Rambling On My Mind, Jeff Jensen, T-Bone Shuffle, Jeff Chaz, Make Love To You In The Sand, Ivor S.K., DeltaContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Empty Bottles | BEB 221

Playlist: The Bonnevilles, No Law In Lurgan, Dirty Streets, Stay Thirsty, James Leg,Up Above My Head, Radio Moscow, So Alone, John Nemeth, Three Times A Fool, John Nemeth, Said Too Much (live), John Nemeth, Do You Really Want That Woman, John Nemeth, Breakin’ Free, King Mudd, Back It Up, Supersonic Blues Machine, Miracle Man, ValContinue Reading

Finish the Click Bait | He Never Saw It Coming


Devil May Dance | BEB 219

  Playlist: Jeff Pitchell, Out In The Cold, Rebel Alliance, Work One Day, The Bonnevilles,The Man With the X Shaped Scar On His Cheek, The Bloodhounds, Wild Little Rider, Janiva Magness, There It Is, Janiva Magness, Twice As Strong, Janiva Magness, Real Slow, Janiva Magness, Moth To A Flame, Peter Karp, Train Of Mine, JeffContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Girls Who Love Cars| BEB 218

    Playlist: Lazer Lloyd, Rockin’ In The Holy Land, Plywood Cowboy, Redbone Religion, Jay Willie Blues Band, You Got Me Dizzy, Mike Crandall Band, Steady Rollin, Anni Piper, Paperbag, Ina Forsman, Don’t Hurt Me Now, Tasha Taylor, Leave That Dog Alone, Layla Zoe, Backstage Queen, Darrell Nulisch, She’s My Baby, Jon Spear Band, BluesContinue ReadingContinue Reading