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OTH 1181 | Ordering the Wrong People

ill immigRundown:

Obama sings Amazing Grace.

Anti Gay Pastor Wusses Out – of setting himself on fire.

How did they go from “Trail gone cold” to shot one of them dead by the end of the week.

End Tax Exempt Status on Churches

Do you think Trump will Out-Christie Christie?

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SCOTUS: Gay Marriage Okay

Hire a Reading Therapist



BEB 184 | Mellencamp Hearts Swift

Playlist: Roots Of Creation, Different, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, Static Shock, Johnny Sansone, Lady Of The Levee, Mike Zito, One Step At A Time, Mike Zito, Gone To Texas, The Stooges Brass Band, Where You From, Jonathon “Boogie” Long, Blues Revolution, Billy Iuso, Furthermore, Papa Grows Funk, Do U Want It? Eddie Shaw, Louisiana Blues,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1180 | Heritage of Hate

    Rundown: SC Flag – to go? Heritage or Hate? I think it’s time. Symbols change as this one has. Obama rocks the WTF podcast (Marc Maron). Shock about N-Word BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: Tiffany Romero Grossman Michael Giammattei Heidi Alice Voight Brenda Borders Jason Morneau 39 Avril Robinson Shelley Welch GregContinue Reading

BEB 183 | Paulie’s NOLA Jazz & Blues

Playlist: Branchwater, Wake Me Up, Mama, The Sarah Lemieux Quintet, The Skies Stayed Blue, Spiritual Rez, Giving Her Love, Orb Mellon, What I’m Going To Do With You, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Short Ribs, Brandon Santini, What You Doing To Me, The Balkun Brothers, Slidin’ Butt, Hornbuckle, Slave To The Benjamins, Jason Ricci, Shakey’sContinue Reading

OFB 71 | Models Come in All Shapes and Sizes

  Issue: Your business model is about how you make money. Rules: Sell products – gross margins rule the day Sell personal services – hourly optimization is key Sell knowledge – licensing and distribution matter Solve a need – Uber has no cars; Alibaba has no inventory Actions: Answer the following questions: What problem doContinue Reading

OTH 1179 | Self Identifying as a Bag of Peanuts

Rundown: 1:30  NAACP Spokane Washington Leader resigns amid controversy over her non African race 17:04  CEO Dick Costolo resigns from Twitter, former CEO Jack Dorsey is back! 23:01  11 y/o boy Played in his Yard. Child Protection Service takes custody and slaps parent with felony charges 30:46  End of the Minibar Reading

BEB 182 | Third Rate Romance

  Playlist: Jeff Pitchell, It Comes To Me Naturally, Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, Love Whip Blues, Scott Ellison, Fishsticks and Jelly, Toots Lorraine, Let Your Tears Fall Baby, James Harman, (I Am) The World’s Badluckest Man, Royal Southern Brotherhood, The Big Greasy, Rusty Wright, Love’s Gonna Treat You Right, Victor Wainwright & TheContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 70 | Johnny Mac & Me

Social Media has become CLICK BAIT for business owners getting screwed by consultants. I observe people forgetting the basic tenant of social media, if they ever knew it at all, and that’s is SOCIAL! Engaging with other, sans sales pitch. For this episode I ask my friend Johnny Mac — owner of Barbarino Nissan andContinue Reading

OTH 1178 | 99% Owes More To 1%

Rundown: 1:30 Quick follow up from last week, woman (purposely) manspreads. 8:59 Hank Greenberg wants more. 21:54 Penial Fitbit 33:36  BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: John Wilson 52 Bruce Biel 51 Tony De Boise Leigh Shoemaker 68 Michael Demayo Carrie Ashton Michael Forbes Leslie Costa 56 Maryann Ott 57 These folks have aContinue Reading

BEB 181 | Down at the Juke Joint

Playlist: Danny Pease & The Regulators, Blood Sweat and Beers, Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, Trying To Make One Hundred, James Harman, Bonetime, JC Smith, Jump For Joy, Golden Novak Band, Hands On, Jason Ricci, Down At The Juke, Damon Fowler, Tightrope, Eddie Shaw, Louisiana Blues, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Hungry But Happy, Big MeanContinue Reading