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OTH 1168 | Great Deal if you Pay with Bit Coin


money collectorsRun down:
Indiana Gov Mike Pence wants to clarify his religious freedom law. Let’s look at the actual law and decide inclusive or exclusive.

Jay Z re-launches Tidal a high def music streaming service


Kentucky Wildcats  -vs- Wisconsin Badgers
Michigan St Spartans  -vs- Duke Blue Devils 

Can we get back to having the baseball season begin in Cincinnati?

Brian Parker refuses The Daily Show gig as Jon Stewart replacement.

How they Retired in their 30s.
Dog slobber good for human immune system.

India: The open legal caseload grew to 31,367,915 by the end of that year — a quantity that, if all of the country’s judges, working around the clock, each resolved 100 cases an hour, it would still take 35 years to clear.


BEB 171 | Added to Library of Congress

[audio Playlist: Broca’s Area- Summer Sun, Mary Jane Jones-All At Once, Frank Viele-Somebody Else, Jeff Pitchell-It Comes To Me Naturally, Southbound- Lover Boy Blues, Carl Weathersby-Leap Of Faith, Anthony & the Conqueroos-Devil’s Hand, Ben Rice-I Fall In LOve Too Easily, Bobby Murray-I’m Stickin’ With You, Chris Beard-Insecurity’s, Ghost Town Blues Band-Hate To See Her Go,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1167 | Never Charge You Cell Phone Again

  PARKER Cool new businesses in Boston. There seems to be a trend toward hype-niche. Let’s go thru a few of these and see if you agree, and why you think they are hype-nichey. MOORE Porter Stansberry, the guy who predicted the Fanny May, Freddie Mac crashes, the GM bankruptcies and the Dow down-turn,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 170 | Dan Aykroyd

  Playlist: Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival-Midnight Moon, Brian MacDonald-Me & These ^ Strings,D. Smith Blues Band-Bajo Sur Cielo Del Sud, Eight To The Bar-Candy Man, The Brummy Brothers-Hub City Hoedown, Brandon Santini-I Wanna Boogie With You, Mike Henderson Band-Matchbox, Ghost Town Blues Band-Tip Of My Hat(featuring Brandon Santini), Isaiah B. Brunt-Precious Stone, JeffContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1166 | Driving Miss Jarvis?

  Section 1 – Business News PARKER So Apple Watch was announced. Prices from $350 to more than $10,000. Do we buy the watch? It Syncs with iPhone via bluetooth or wireless Internet. And it has the Dick Tracy option of taking a call from the watch. Now how much would you pay!! Lee TeslaContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 169 | Horny, Drunk, Stoned and Laughin

  Playlist: Balkun Bros.-Tell Me(What’s On Your Mind), Eric Sardinas- Bittersweet, Joanne Shaw Taylor- Wicked Soul, Mississippi Heat- Swingy Dingy Baby, Greg Nagy-Stranded, Isaiah B. Brunt- Never Give Up, Ghost Town Blues Band-My Doggy(featuring Brandon Santini), Cyril Neville-Something’s Got A Hold On Me, Bart Walker-Hipshake It, Dana Fuchs-Love To Beg, Devon Allman-Leave This City, RoyalContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 168 | New Girls with Guitars

  Playlist: Mambo Sons-Stone Free, Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds-Untie My Shoelaces, Isaiah B. Brunt-The River Runs High, Eliza Neals-Breaking and Entering, Tas Cru-Thinking How To Tell Me Goodbye, Noah Wotherspoon-Buzz Me, Markey Blue-Flames, Benny Turner-How I Wish, Brian MacDonald-Dreams About You, XY Eli-Red Shoes, D. Smith Blues Band-Tired Of Being Your Fool, GirlsContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 167 | Big Ole Lushy Chipmunk Love

    Playlist: Danny Pease & The Regulators-Just Dance, The Alchemystics-Be The Change, Caravan Of Thieves-This Must Be Love,Alexis P. Suter-Big Mama, John Ginty-Rock Ridge, Isaiah B. Brunt- She’s So Fine, Mississippi Heat-Nowhere To Go,Altered Five Blues Band-Counterfeit Lover,JP Blues Band-Keep On Walking, Tas Cru-One Bad Habit, Mike Henderson Band-Weepin’ & Moanin’, Devon Allman-Times HaveContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1165 | Colleges that pay You to Graduate

Section 1 – Business News PARKER Cleveland State University Rocks! It’s a college that pays students for graduating on time. The gist is a 2% tuition rebate and $200/semester toward books. In one year, graduation rates went from 31% – 39%. Must have full course load (15 credits). I like this sentiment but it willContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1164 | Divorce Holiday

    Section 1 – Business News PARKER Most popular car by state.–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTczMA–/ PARKER 15 yr Old Business Owner — Babysitter Business — Hires a CEO LEE Walmart is starting out all of their employees at $9 an hour with the ability to get up tp $ 10 an hour within 6 months. IsContinue ReadingContinue Reading