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For Young Migraine Sufferers, Treatment Can Be Hard To Find

bridget araldi HSBy: Colleen Shaddox

Bridget Araldi’s headaches started after a concussion on the soccer field, and they became so debilitating that the Wilton girl missed 70 days of her sophomore year at high school. She spent much of that time lying in her darkened bedroom, her head covered with cold cloths.

A succession of doctors Araldi’s mother took her to did not offer any relief—an experience that is not unusual, according to a new study. The study shows that most children do not get proper treatment for migraines. Many doctors who specialize in headaches say this is because children’s pain is too often dismissed.

“Only a small percentage … are getting the right diagnosis,” said Robert Nicholson, director of behavioral medicine at the Mercy Clinic Headache Center in St. Louis, and lead investigator of the study.

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Juicing Day 4 | Tabasco to the Rescue

Tough day yesterday. Low energy and cranky. While preparing my dinner juice I told my wife I was starting to doubt if I could continue. I was hungry! Dark, angry and jealous, I started dinner for my wife — buffalo chicken. Oh the smell was delightful; my tastebuds perked up. How to resist? What wouldContinue Reading

Wasted Wasted | Day 3 Juicing

A common side affect in the first few days of juicing is headache. As the body reboots, toxins flush out and cause migraine-like headaches. I’m so excited to be part of the headache group! Still sluggish, I’m holding on with faith that it gets better. But this weight is coming off. Morning Meal: Grapefruit, oranges, strawberriesContinue Reading

Choose to be Fat | Why to stop juicing

Day 2 of Juicing (ala Fat Sick and Almost Dead) is going well, but I’ve found the secret as to why people would stop juicing. Cleaning the f-ing juicer! The trick seems to be cleaning it before you clean it. That is, scrub and rinse the easy stuff away, then don the juicer parts inContinue Reading

So I bought a Juicer, Will I get Healthy?

Accidentally coinciding with New Years and the season of resolutions, I bought a juicer to try to shed the decade of extra weight I’ve put on. The program is 10 of nothing but fruit and vegetable juice to detoxify my innards, and then flip flop my intake of macro v micro nutrients. Macronutrients are beef, fish,Continue ReadingContinue Reading