God Ain’t Republican?

In this very funny debate, we learn that when (if) Jesus comes back to Earth, he won’t be voting Republican. Comedians John Fugelsang and Jamie Kilstein join moderator W. Kamau Bell for a quick believer vs. non-believer mash up.

Preview of iOS 7 | CTTechJunkie.com

iPhone and iPad users will be prompted to update their devices on September 18 and may be shocked by what their device looks like after installation is complete. CTTechJunkie obtained the “Golden Master” version of iOS 7 that will be pushed to iPhone and iPad users on September 18. The new operating system sports anContinue Reading

UConn get Smarter and more Diverse

Five years ago, at the start of the 2008-09 school year, published reports trumpeted that “UConn is expecting about 300 more freshmen this fall compared to last, making the 3,500-strong class the largest in the school’s history.  Déjà vu all over again, as students arrive on campus to begin the 2013-14 academic year. The state’s flagship universityContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Mom Hires Strippers for Son’s 16th Birthday Party

A mom who hired strippers for her son’s 16th birthday party could be stripped of her freedom if she’s convicted on child endangerment charges. Police say Judy Viger, 33, of Gansevoort, New York, allegedly hired two female strippers to help celebrate her son’s big day. The party was held at a bowling alley, and the strippers performedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

First Look at jOBS, the Steve Jobs Movie Starring Ashton Kutcher: This Is Actually Pretty Good

I don’t know if jOBS—the biopic of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher—will be any good, but this clip by Inside Movies actually looks pretty decent! We might have to eat our words. Keep Reading …  

Facebook Now Charging Message Delivery

  Facebook users in US maybe charged a one-time fee of one dollar to send a message to another user’s inbox who they aren’t friends with, in a new option that is being tested by the social media firm. Keep Reading …

Growing Senior Population Is Challenge for CT Workforce

As recently as 2010, 14 percent of Connecticut’s population was age 65 or older.  By 2025, that percentage will increase to 20 percent, and will continue to climb.  The implications of a larger, older population on the state’s economy and a range of services present both challenges and opportunities for the state.  Some suggest thatContinue ReadingContinue Reading

High Cost of SAT-Prep Classes Hurt Low Income Students Aiming for College

When high school students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), their shot at a college career often hangs in the balance.  Recognizing the importance of the standardized exam, many students take private preparatory classes that explain how the SAT differs from exams students are accustomed to taking in class.Continue Reading

The Connecticut Apple Shortage

Connecticut farmers, and farmers everywhere, have always been at the mercy of Mother Nature. This year apple growers in Connecticut are hurting more than ever. According to the Hartford Courant, crops are down to about 16 percent this year due  to an April freeze that damaged early budding apple blossoms. Changes in weather patterns have beenContinue Reading

Should You Buy a New iPad or iPad Mini?

Want to know all about the new iPad and iPad mini? We offer a concise set of descriptions and recommendations on the new products. 4th Generation iPad We were only talking about the “new” iPad in March and today Apple just announced its 4th Generation iPad. The display is identical to the current iPad with retina display,Continue Reading