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NYPD Investigating Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in Possible Assault at Hotel

Kanye West begs for money

Star Wars Episode VIII to release on Dec 15, 2017. Episode VII crossed the $1 Billion mark over the weekend.

We’ve Detected Gravitational Waves

VIDEO about Black Holes and LIGO

Who will win: Netflix becoming HBO before HBO becomes Netflix?

This Spanish man is a No Show Work Pro. 6 years getting paid over $40k/yr and didn’t work a day. How did he get caught?

Best Place to go to College – Germany!

Comcast Goes Jackson Pollack

Scalia dies First reaction – natural causes???

Fecal matter transplants. 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz explains the super delegates

NTT 13 | NewsTalk Tonight

News Talk Tonight Host Dave Moore and co-host Jen Just discussed the Congressional Fifth District Race, and how there are candidates on “both sides of the aisle” who are self-funding , such as Elizabeth Esty and Dan Roberti on the Democratic side and Lisa Wilson-Foley and Mark Greenberg on the Republican side. Dave and JenContinue Reading

NTT13 – NewsTalk Tonight with Dave Moore

Show Notes: Lawsuit involving a developer who sued the State for being improperly fired, as found by a Superior Court Judge, by former Governor M. Jodi Rell in the ill-fated Front Street project, part of the Adriean’s Landing development started by former Governor John G. Rowland, and the potential for Millions of dollars being awardedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

NewsTalk Tonight : Sue Your Meanie Boss | Cops Ignore Profiling Rules? | Session Wrapping Up

Review of the Supreme Court decision (first of its kind in the country) upholding an award for emotional distress thanks to a hostile work environment, allowing a $94,500.00 judgment. Racial Profiling laws that have been mostly “ignored” for the last 12 years. Should cops report on your race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc? Budget and educationContinue ReadingContinue Reading

NewsTalkTonight Crew: Cosby Is Right, Gun Was Culprit In Trayvon Shooting

On Tuesday’s NewsTalkTonight, host Brian Parker explained why the real problem in the Trayvon shooting was the possession of the gun. A Neighborhood watchman should not act like a cop — which is exactly what Zimmerman did. (Watch the full show here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21577628) Deborah Simmons of the Washington Times reported today that Bill Cosby agreesContinue Reading

Interview | Peter Lumaj for US Senate

Chief Political Analyst for OnTheHORN, Jen Just, interviews US Senate candidate Peter Lumaj (R). Mr. Lumaj was born and raised in communist Albania. He left for America to seek freedom and opportunity. His story is one that embodies the “American Dream.” He worked his way through school and became a lawyer.   On The Issues:Continue Reading

Interview | State Rep. William Tong Seeks Nomination For U.S. Senate

State Rep. William Tong of the 147th District (Stamford and New Canaan) has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Rep. Tong was this week’s NewsTalkTonight guest OnTheHORN. Is Tong a strong enough candidate to win against sitting U.S. Congressman Chris Murphy? How about Linda McMahon? His missionContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Interview | Rep Chris Murphy – Running for Senate

The affable Chris Murphy walks through his platform with OnTheHORN.com. Here are some of the questions, listen for his answers. Economy: Fannie and Freddie off the hook? Chris says one goal to helping economy is protecting homes. Low rates and reasonable monthly payments, Chris says is one method of helping — but why not ensureContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Rep. Vincent Candelora Shares his Frustration with Debit Card Tax Refunds

It seems no one we voted for in the General Assembly is happy with this idea of debit cards for tax refund. No Democrats; No Republicans. Will JP Morgan Chase will get some personal information on all of us, without our authorization? The problem trying to be solved is the 67% of unclaimed tax refundContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Meet The Candidates | Speaker of the House Chris Donovan | US Congress

State Representative Chris Donovan spends some time discussing his run for US Congress. Chris wants to be known for his efforts to help working families. Our impressions of Chris of a honest friendly public servant who is taking a shot at a much higher office. Only a few hiccups for Chris, albeit some answers we felt wereContinue Reading