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Not Well Coordinated | OTH 1194

cheap digital watchRundown:

Paris Attacks. Stop saying well coordinated.
Clare Lopez

Passports found on the bodies start at 24 seconds

Ted Cruz – We stand with the people of France what does this mean start at 1m

Syrian refugee debate – Should we take them should we not take them

Can Governors block the refugees? Why they can’t
what is the Vetting Process

Ted Cruz – Here is his position before Here is his position now. start at 2m
Trump on the issue look at how they use Trump as a tease to keep you watching

BIRTHDAYS: Listener birthday today:happy birthdays

Paula Pendleton

Stephanie Bellows
Turning 42 years old

Chris Lillquist
Turning 55 years old

Michelle A. Bravo

Meghan Krodel

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Hillary Clinton says she applied to Marine in 1975. Debbie Wasserman Shultz says “Why talk about it?” (with Andrea Mitchell)

Trump, I think he is trying to lose now
Bomb the shit out of ISIS why is this a secret? Why not just tell ISIS your plan
Trump on Carson
Trump pathological disease Trump Iowans are stupid

Rhonda Rousey, acts like an asshole and gets beat.

No Weed Cartels | OTH 1193

Rundown: Unfair, says Cruz. Moderators taking heat from GOP, and a funny response from President. No to weed in Ohio Can’t the son just seek emancipation? BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: Kim Brunstad, Jim Cavalari, Douglas M Swagerty Jr., Bill Costen, Corey Battistoni Thomas, Chris Velardi, Rick Houser, James Graham, Gary Raytar, Anne Hilty, Mickey Herbert Boots on ground in Syria CopContinue Reading

Sanders Slips But Gains in Polls | OTH 1192

House Advertisements Amazon s3 Servers. Amazon s3 is storage over the Internet. Find out more at And by: Mike Ziebka, CPA at Budwitz & Myerjack And by: My travel man, Henry Wrotniak. More than just booking tickets; it’s travel management. Find out what I mean at Hosts: Brian Parker, Erik Blazynski, BrianContinue Reading

Those Reasonable Russians | OTH 1191

    Rundown: BLOCK A Above the fold – Parker Putin and Rose – Vlad doesn’t seem so evil. CLIP 1 Putin Rose BLOCK B Above the fold – Blazman Clinton Email Cover Up – Employee feared it might happen, and so…   INTERMEZZO Coming Up: Best Mac and Cheese EVER! BIRTHDAYS ListenerContinue Reading

Calling All Mitts | OTH 1190

Rundown: Planned Parenthood BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: Mary Saunders Anna Sava Namnoum Turning 48 years old Angelo DiChello Aimee Ashton These folks follow us on social media and you can too! Twitter @OnTheHORN500 Or follow my personal page BLOCK C Below the fold Parker Last week I made a prediction thatContinue Reading

Get Off My Bible | OTH 1189

    Rundaown Faith in the Whitehouse – No Muslim Presidents says Casron Clip: CASRON No Muslim Pres The Debate –  Rand paul should not be there Trump is an idiot          ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Debate – Bush kept us safe?? Huh WTF Hillary is sick – new book says that Hillary is too ill to runContinue Reading

“Open Season on Crackers” | OTH 1187

    Rundown: BLAZMAN Alleged Cop Killing of Harris County reportedly shot the deputy 15 times. PARKER VA Shooting: – Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, who He went by the name Bryce Williams while working at the station, WDBJ, has been identified as the suspect – A disgruntled former employee of a Virginia TV stationContinue Reading

Do Local Police Need Grenades | OTH 1186

Rundown: BLAZMAN Hillary decided to wipe the server, but has “no idea how it works digitally.” BLAZ1 Hillary is Official BLAZ2 Hillary Me to know you to find out PARKER Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle to plead guilty to child pornography charges. PARKER1 Subway’s Fogle to Plead Guilty BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: LoriContinue Reading

It’s Not the Size of the Crowd, It’s How You Use It | OTH 1185

Rundown: PARKER Trump wins by Whining. Chris Cuomo (Brother Andrew, Father Mario) BPCLIP1 A Fabulous Whiner – CNN Chris Cuomo Trump whiner BPCLIP2 Hood Brother – Hate then man love BLAZMAN O’Malley EBCLIP1 O’Malley Every Life Matters EBCLIP2 O’Malley Apology Coming Up: Clinton Apologists Huge Sanders Crowds Don’t Matter BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: GeorgeContinue Reading

Toy Lions Matter | OTH 1184

Rundown: PARKER Lion killer followed rules? BlazClips1 Cecil Empire State Planning BlazClips2 Big Game Hunter Rebuttal PARKER Hillary Clinton Fully Supports Planned Parenthood. Walker and Bush (Perry) attack – Not Trump. Is Hillary hoping for Trump in general election? Stranded Women? Overall she is gunning for Republicans, she assumes she has nomination.Continue Reading