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OTH 1175 | Killer Podcast

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GMOs Kill Puppies

Condos in Space

Killer Podcast!

Louis C.K. over the line in molestation joke?

F-You! I’m more hard core Zen than You


OTH 1174 | Justice is a Commodity

  Rundown: 2:34 Justice: A purchasable commodity. 19:08 BIRTHDAYS Listener birthdays today: Edward Connelly III, Pittsburgh, PA. 48 today today, Happy Birthday! John Zakowski Jr, Wallingford, CT. 51 yrs old. Happy Birthday! Kathy Schomburg, New Haven, CT. Happy Birthday! 20:04 Train Safety An Issue: Philly Crash And The Oil Trains By Nuke Silos–amtrak-train-derailment-near-philadelphia-030241888.htmlContinue Reading

OTH 1173 | Hop On The Poo Bus

  Rundown @2:27 – Van Gogh painting get $66 Million at NYC Auction @3:53 Elon Musk has competition in global goodness, England has a Poo Bus. @23:17 List on the worst cars. What was the worst car you’ve owned or driven? @36:19 Russia not immune to global warming — but to theyContinue Reading

OTH 1172 | Fix This Penis

  Show Rundown 1:17 | Detective finds out she is Undocumented Immigrant 9:30 | Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake says shes giving Space For Riots 22:40 | Bernie Sanders to make it official on Thursday. 24:22 | Chinese Scientists Genetically Modifying Human Embryos 31:00 | Most Innovated Company isn’t AppleContinue Reading

OTH 1171 | NBC News Conspiracy

  Rundown 02:32 Richard Engel from NBC News: NBC’s Richard Engel “confused” about exactly who his captors were. He was captured by members of the Free Syrian Army (those opposed to Assad), yet upon his return he claimed to be captured by Assad’s troops. Now he states that this was an elaborate hoax propagated againstContinue Reading

OTH 1170 | New with Improved Flavor!

Show Rundown: Legal for us to continue: Patent Trolls lose. Is Florida the new capitol of pirated movies? Breweries vs Baptist – Why there are so few breweries in the South Hillary Clinton is the next President. Bone, muscle, and vision deterioration among SPACE X launch to ISS. Mumford &Continue Reading

OTH 1169 | Shot In The Back

    Show Rundown: Walter Scott gunned down by Police — 8 shots to the back. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat was suspended at Clemson Univ for throwing a “Cripmas” party. Related story: Magazine to be sued by fraternity. Tiger Woods smiles? New PR guys? UCONN Women win 10th NCAA BasketballContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1168 | Great Deal if you Pay with Bit Coin

  Run down: Indiana Gov Mike Pence wants to clarify his religious freedom law. Let’s look at the actual law and decide inclusive or exclusive. Jay Z re-launches Tidal a high def music streaming service Predictions? Kentucky Wildcats  -vs- Wisconsin Badgers Michigan St Spartans  -vs- Duke Blue Devils  Can we get back to having theContinue Reading

OTH 1167 | Never Charge You Cell Phone Again

  PARKER Cool new businesses in Boston. There seems to be a trend toward hype-niche. Let’s go thru a few of these and see if you agree, and why you think they are hype-nichey. MOORE Porter Stansberry, the guy who predicted the Fanny May, Freddie Mac crashes, the GM bankruptcies and the Dow down-turn,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1166 | Driving Miss Jarvis?

  Section 1 – Business News PARKER So Apple Watch was announced. Prices from $350 to more than $10,000. Do we buy the watch? It Syncs with iPhone via bluetooth or wireless Internet. And it has the Dick Tracy option of taking a call from the watch. Now how much would you pay!! Lee TeslaContinue ReadingContinue Reading