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OTH 1164 | Divorce Holiday



just divorced
Section 1 – Business News

PARKER Most popular car by state.–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTczMA–/

PARKER 15 yr Old Business Owner — Babysitter Business — Hires a CEO

LEE Walmart is starting out all of their employees at $9 an hour with the ability to get up tp $ 10 an hour within 6 months. Is this a good idea?

Section 2 – Sports

PARKER Suspended … Again. Olbermann


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OTH 1163 | Doing Dogs

  Section 1 – Business News PARKER The Apple Car and what it means. Apple is the most profitable company by revenue standards. $53B on $182B or 28% Business Insider asked, what is Apple Car was as successful as Porsche? Porsche $2.3B on $14.3B or 20% but for Apple 5% General Motors $1.5B on $156BContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1162 | Jon Stewart Replacement

Section 1 – Business News PARKER Employees that care can do wonders for the business’ image. A teen walked into a North Carolina Target looking for a clip-on tie for a job interview. The store didn’t have those, so a Target employee took time to teach him how to put on a regular tie andContinue Reading

OTH 1161 | Are You Woman Enough

  Section 1 – Business News PARKER Croatia Clears Debt for 60,000 citizens LEE Super Bowl commercials favorites/best Section 2 – Sports PARKER High School Basketball Game end in record score. 2-0–basketball-game-ends-2-0-172024260.html LEE Super Bowl Pats 28 Seahawks 24 Discuss Section 3 – Politics PARKER Does US Candidate for President need aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 1160 | High School Problems — High School Solutions

Jennifer Alexander is the CEO of ConnCAN (Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now). ConnCAN’s main mission is to improve education outcomes for Connecticut’s kids. Not just getting a diploma but getting getting education. A Think Tank meets Action Movement: ConnCAN brings together education advocates, policy makers, parents and educators for systematic change to public schools. HerContinue Reading

OTH 1159 |Third Party Should Quit | Margolis to Visconti

  Avon resident submits OP-ED to asking third party candidate for governor,Joe Vasconti, to drop out. With an unrealistic chance of winning, Visconti very likely will foil Tom Foley’s chance of winning the governorship in Connecticut. Margolis believes it is time for Visconti to drop out if he really cares about Republican values beingContinue Reading

OTH 1158 | Dave Walker for Lt. Governor Interview

  Lt Governor Candidate Dave Walker explains what Connecticut needs to do and why he is the man to help get it done. No more budget games No more business entity tax or surcharge Celebrate Connecticut and its resources Why I’m qualified

BEB 143 | James Bond vs Austin Powers

  Playlist: Mojomatics-Broadway Combination, Gracie Curran & the High-Falutin’ Band- With Friends Like These, The Cobalt Rhythm Kings-Cross-Eyed Mama, Paul Gabriel-What’s the Chance,The Bluelights- Evil Bumblebee, Royal Southern Brotherhood-Here It Is, Joanne Shaw Taylor-Dead & Gone, Thorbjorn Risager-Too Many Roads, Johnny Rawls- Bad Reputation, Debbie Davies-A.C. Strut, Albert CAstiglia-Cadillac Assembly Line, Johnny Sansone-First Shot, EasyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OTH 157 | Feeling Lucky? Book about Children getting Inspired buy Grandparents

  Daniel Blanchard tells the story of a trouble youth who find guidance from his grandfather. Personal responsibility and confidence are strong messages in this book. Though void of direct political messages, the tones seem conservative in nature. We asked the author what problems he sees in todays youth, and what are the catalysts ofContinue Reading

OTH Special Programming | Primary 2012 Coverage

Special coverage with Brian Parker, Dave Moore, Patrick Scully, Patty McQueen, and Heath Fahle.