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Nuts as a Bunny | OTH 1203

nuts as a bunnyHosts: Erik Blazynski, Carl Bloom and Brian Parker

Bush begs for applause

Michelle Bachmann is nuts as a bunny…

ABC and Carson screwed up the debate

Rubio got crushed by Christie
Why was he harping on this “obama knows what he is doing.

Cyber bullying is over

Brookfield Woman Sues After GOP Officials Bar Her From Voting In Republican Primary

Governor Proposes Legislation To Change Handicapped Parking Symbol

“Serial” takes the stand


ANTS! | OTH 1202

Hosts: Erik Blazynski, Carl Bloom and Brian Parker Special Thanks to the follow financial contributors Mike Ziebka at Budwitz and Myerjack Henry Wrotniak from Sanditz Arlene Avery Andrew Elash Suzy Rydz Brian Thomas Jill Michon Gail Samuel Christopher P Adams Nicholas Biello Daria Novak Greg Musumano Joe Konior Blake Marshall Best Ways to OrganizeContinue Reading

Bloomberg Runs for POTUS? | OTH 1201

Hosts Erik Blazman Blazynski Carl Bloom Brian Parker Assoc Producers Johnny Mac Barbarino Nissan Mike Ziebka Budwitz and Myerjack Henry Wrotniak Sanditz Travel Giada Valenti Kathleen DiGennaro Warner Evan Parsons Ken Rundel Maura Donahue Christy Anne Traylor Randi Bartles Bloomberg for Potus? Mars Needs Colonists who eat meat and Sleep Late Disgraced Congressman Anthony WeinerContinue Reading

Storm Rider | OTH 1200

With Bloom, Blazman and Parker

Spent My $1 Billion | OTH 1199

  With Bloom, Blazman and Parker  

She Got Caught | OTH 1198

Rundown: BLOCK A Above the fold Parker MTP – Chuck Todd with John Kasich and Rand Paul CLIP Kasich Just Be Third Place CLIP Kasich says Donald Trump is Fascism in America CLIP Rand Paul Where Have You Been? CLIP Rand Paul Foreign Policy Differs BLOCK B Above the fold Blazman Trump with Savanna onContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Revenge of the Thumb | OTH 1197

    Rundown: Parker – Above the Fold Poor Bernie – No respect Bernie 14 Point UP on Hilary Rubio Trump’s Muslim Ban – It’s a farce to get spotlight. Rubio has an answer Rubio on why get involved in Syria Rubio doesn’t want Putin Praise Bush Jeb Makes W Look Brilliant Muslims Town HallContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Ted Cruz Harvests Friends | OTH 1196

  Rundown: BLOCK A Above the fold Parker Brian Parker’s Clips can be found on SoundCloud Meet the Press: Rubio “Is Trump Qualified” CLIP: MTP Rubio on Trump Qualfd He should have answer YES! The Constitution says “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time ofContinue ReadingContinue Reading

President Spirit Fingers | OTH 1195

  Rundown: President’s Speech It is terrorism, but unknown is connected. Also, we know they stockpiled weapons including pipe bombs. CLIP- Obama San Bern Terror and Pipe Bomb Again, not highly planned. Bernard Kerik, former NYC Police Commish on NewsMax TV with Steve Maltzberg CLIP- 3 Man Terror In fact Obama claims terror isContinue Reading

Not Well Coordinated | OTH 1194

Rundown: Paris Attacks. Stop saying well coordinated. Clare Lopez Passports found on the bodies start at 24 seconds Ted Cruz – We stand with the people of France what does this mean start at 1m Syrian refugee debate – Should we take them should we not take them Can Governors block the refugees? Why theyContinue Reading