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OTH 157 | Feeling Lucky? Book about Children getting Inspired buy Grandparents


grandfatherDaniel Blanchard tells the story of a trouble youth who find guidance from his grandfather. Personal responsibility and confidence are strong messages in this book. Though void of direct political messages, the tones seem conservative in nature.

We asked the author what problems he sees in todays youth, and what are the catalysts of such behavior.

GUEST: Daniel Blanchard, Author Feeling Lucky: Graddaddy’s Secrets


OTH Special Programming | Primary 2012 Coverage

Special coverage with Brian Parker, Dave Moore, Patrick Scully, Patty McQueen, and Heath Fahle. 

OTH 321 | Chris SHAYS: I’ve Created More Jobs Than Linda

Show Notes | June 12 Interview: What should we expect for growth year over year in the economy. Is $4/gal gasoline normal? As related to world, isn’t American gas fairly cheap? Washington Has Gone Crazy. What centers you, what keeps you from “going crazy” like the rest of Washington? Healthcare cost are rising under Obama,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

OnTheHORN-1 | GOP Unprepared for 2012; the War on Terror Is Over; and Is Mitt Bad for Women?

OnTheHORN with Brian Parker – Live At 6:15: A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri is “not sure” what the Violence Against Women Act is, the Weekly Standard reports that The “War on Terror” is Over, and Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says women’s rights will be in “jeopardy” if Mitt Romney becomes president.Continue Reading