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Do Local Police Need Grenades | OTH 1186

police tanksRundown:

BLAZMAN Hillary decided to wipe the server, but has “no idea how it works digitally.”
BLAZ1 Hillary is Official
BLAZ2 Hillary Me to know you to find out

PARKER Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle to plead guilty to child pornography charges.
PARKER1 Subway’s Fogle to Plead Guilty

BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today:

Lori Aileen
Dave Hansen
Jeffery Miles 41

BLAZMAN Man missing 50-75% of brain. (I know right – What the fuck!)

PARKER Militarization of Local Police

Wiki Summary
Changing Police Officers into Soldiers
Tool of trade or aggressive weapons
How much spanish is taught to Police in Hartford?
How much CQB is taught to Police in Hartford?

If a situation gets so dangerous that APCs and Soldier Police are called for, is it right for us to ask our local police to handle it?


BLAZMAN Trump’s immigration plan –
Trump’s numbers –
Define the problem – Trump Memes
Build a wall – same clip as above, what do you guys think about a wall?
Cut funding for sanctuary cities
Deport people illegally in the country

O’Reilly is only talking about the people that are 14 amendment people, not those that are here illegally, why does Trump argue this?
End the 14th amendment
No more anchor babies
Trump says that he is going to win the hispanic vote, and he is polling well with hispanics.. WTF?

BLAZMAN Trump calls Klumm a 9 !!!! Is he nuts?…/donald-trump-calling-heid…/…


It’s Not the Size of the Crowd, It’s How You Use It | OTH 1185

Rundown: PARKER Trump wins by Whining. Chris Cuomo (Brother Andrew, Father Mario) BPCLIP1 A Fabulous Whiner – CNN Chris Cuomo Trump whiner BPCLIP2 Hood Brother – Hate then man love BLAZMAN O’Malley EBCLIP1 O’Malley Every Life Matters EBCLIP2 O’Malley Apology Coming Up: Clinton Apologists Huge Sanders Crowds Don’t Matter BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: GeorgeContinue Reading

Toy Lions Matter | OTH 1184

Rundown: PARKER Lion killer followed rules? BlazClips1 Cecil Empire State Planning BlazClips2 Big Game Hunter Rebuttal PARKER Hillary Clinton Fully Supports Planned Parenthood. Walker and Bush (Perry) attack – Not Trump. Is Hillary hoping for Trump in general election? Stranded Women? Overall she is gunning for Republicans, she assumes she has nomination.Continue Reading

OTH 1183 | Trump Leaves Presidential Race

. Rundown: 5:10 How Trump leaves the race 25:57 United States is more brutal than ISIS? Rutgers Prof Deepa Kumar CLP SetUp Why Is She Here — Old lame argument, you don’t like it leave. How about You don’t like ObamaCare you leave. You don’t like Confederate flag, you leave. You don’t like hybrid cars, you leave. It’sContinue Reading

OTH 1182 | Shark Attacks 1 & 600?

Rundown: Subway Suspends Jared Fogel – child porn. Right-to-die Bill will Come too late for Mom. Should there be a right to die? Trump making waves. Is he part of the plan or Crashing the party? De’andre Johnson (FSU freshman QB) punches girl. BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: John Dixon 49 FeliksContinue Reading

OTH 1181 | Ordering the Wrong People

Rundown: Obama sings Amazing Grace. Anti Gay Pastor Wusses Out – of setting himself on fire. How did they go from “Trail gone cold” to shot one of them dead by the end of the week. End Tax Exempt Status on Churches Do you think Trump will Out-Christie Christie?Continue Reading

OTH 1180 | Heritage of Hate

    Rundown: SC Flag – to go? Heritage or Hate? I think it’s time. Symbols change as this one has. Obama rocks the WTF podcast (Marc Maron). Shock about N-Word BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: Tiffany Romero Grossman Michael Giammattei Heidi Alice Voight Brenda Borders Jason Morneau 39 Avril Robinson Shelley Welch GregContinue Reading

OTH 1179 | Self Identifying as a Bag of Peanuts

Rundown: 1:30  NAACP Spokane Washington Leader resigns amid controversy over her non African race 17:04  CEO Dick Costolo resigns from Twitter, former CEO Jack Dorsey is back! 23:01  11 y/o boy Played in his Yard. Child Protection Service takes custody and slaps parent with felony charges 30:46  End of the Minibar Reading

OTH 1178 | 99% Owes More To 1%

Rundown: 1:30 Quick follow up from last week, woman (purposely) manspreads. 8:59 Hank Greenberg wants more. 21:54 Penial Fitbit 33:36  BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: John Wilson 52 Bruce Biel 51 Tony De Boise Leigh Shoemaker 68 Michael Demayo Carrie Ashton Michael Forbes Leslie Costa 56 Maryann Ott 57 These folks have aContinue Reading

OTH 1177 | The World Mansplained

Rundown: 5:34 Let me mansplain this to you. It’s Not Sexist! 24:17 War on men continues Manspreading. 35:00 Frankly, it’s how you look: Abercrombie and Fitch et SCOTUS 44:05 Microsoft Windows 10 (I missed nine…and eight) 48:05 Robot Handjobs 51:02 Sepp Blatter 57:55 Nasa Flying Saucer Takeoff 58:35Continue Reading