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Science Proves Evolution Not Possible?

science v evolutionIn this video, this argument is made that science has never observed organisms added genetic information to an organism and therefore evolution can not occur.

It’s conclusion is that the super natural is more likely an answer.

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Lethal Force Last Resort | Rookie Cop Shows Us How

A rookie cop, in new Richmond, Ohio refused to shoot a double-murder suspect, who was charging at him screaming “shoot me, shoot me.” Blindly shooting is bad idea. Cops have hard jobs. They have to make hard choices. What makes it hard is they have to get it right or someone can die. This oneContinue Reading

OTH 1159 |Third Party Should Quit | Margolis to Visconti

  Avon resident submits OP-ED to asking third party candidate for governor,Joe Vasconti, to drop out. With an unrealistic chance of winning, Visconti very likely will foil Tom Foley’s chance of winning the governorship in Connecticut. Margolis believes it is time for Visconti to drop out if he really cares about Republican values beingContinue Reading

You Didn’t Build That Business? Neither Did Obama | Grocer Gives Business to Employees

Joe Lueken, after 46 years, is getting out of the grocery business in a VERY BIG WAY.  As the ultimate act of generosity and thankfulness Joe is giving his business to his employees. Lueken’s Village Foods is a great family business with two stores in upstate Minnesota and one in North Dakota.  The business providedContinue Reading

OP-ED | Buy More Guns and Ammo – Barack is Back!

Elections around the world are a mixed bag, from peaceful transitions to immediate civil war. In the US we have wore a badge of honor that the most powerful political position, President, changes hands without violence. This maybe coming to an end. What does this say about us? What do these people intend to doContinue Reading