OFB 72 | Joe Zwiebel | Selling to Flat Organizational Charts

zwiebel HSWe talk with Joe Zwiebel, President of New England Business Media., about:

What is a flat business org chart?

Why is flat better for selling?

And we role play with Joe Zwiebel selling US on advertising with his online publications.subscribe-with-itunes-button

OFB 71 | Models Come in All Shapes and Sizes

  Issue: Your business model is about how you make money. Rules: Sell products – gross margins rule the day Sell personal services – hourly optimization is key Sell knowledge – licensing and distribution matter Solve a need – Uber has no cars; Alibaba has no inventory Actions: Answer the following questions: What problem doContinue Reading

OFB 70 | Johnny Mac & Me

Social Media has become CLICK BAIT for business owners getting screwed by consultants. I observe people forgetting the basic tenant of social media, if they ever knew it at all, and that’s is SOCIAL! Engaging with other, sans sales pitch. For this episode I ask my friend Johnny Mac — owner of Barbarino Nissan andContinue Reading

OFB 69 | CriquetShirts.com | Online Retailer of Classic Golf Shirts

At the age of five, Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown were forced into their first collared shirts to attend an all-boys school in New York City. Although initially squirmy and uncomfortable, the boys quickly began to notice the power of the polo: the approving nods from parents, the lingering glances from the ladies… These twoContinue Reading

OFB 68 | iDevices that Know You

  CEO and Founder of iDevices, Chris Allen. iDevices started with the invention of the iGrill – one of the first app-enabled devices to be featured in the Apple retail stores way back in 2010, This was the cutting / bleeding edge of the IoT era – the Internet of Things era. Today Chris’ company,Continue Reading

OFB 67 | How Inbound Marketing helps New Sales Cycle

Inbound marketing and accurate marketing ROI — they are like two peas in a pod.  Beer prices may go up if fracking messes up the water.  Starting an online business?  A few bases you need to cover.  Customers leaving?  A few questions to ask.  Brian, Tommy and Ken go far and wide in this episodeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 66 | Advertising vs Connecting | Google Bank and Trust

Super Bowl ads for $3.9M, social media hijackers, inbound marketing bubbles?, and a message of endearment from LinkedIn.  All this and more to help you get and keep customers, on the latest edition of OFB.Continue Reading

OFB 65 | Anti Social Media

Ken, Brian and Tommy  “fly off” on the airlines and airports and then segue into an enlightening conversation about the revolution going on in our universities. And speaking of revolutions, Facebook appears to be, at the very least, redefining the rules of the social media game leaving some “users: feeling that Facebook is being ratherContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 64 | Almost Dante’s Circles of Marketing Hell

Short exploratory to marketing hell courtesy of HubSpot, wonder why Facebook needs a search engine, and discuss intrapreneurs vs. entrepreneurs. References to Dante aside, HubSpot says there are nine circles of marketing hell.  From ugly content to bad automation to interrupting way too much, we take a look at all nine circles and how theyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 63 | The Talking Stick | 1+1=4

On this edition of OFB Brian, Tommy and Ken take a crowd sourced funded trip to Vegas, visit another innovative online retailer, and explore how collaboration works in Silicon Valley, but doesn’t work in Washington. HOT POTATO NEWS:Continue Reading