OFB 62 | Don’t Stand Alone with Social Media

Smart marketing is smart marketing, regardless of the venue.  On this edition of OFB Brian, Tommy and Ken, along with our guest Chris Reimer explored some applications of smart marketing, and some not so smart marketing moves as well. Our first Hot Potato was ReferralKey.com.  Describing itself as an online community of connected people sendingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 61 | How to Raise Prices without Losing Customers: Lessons from Airline and Cable Companies

-Which do you like better ALL INCLUDED pricing, or ALA CARTE pricing? -What company lost millions in dollars and customers, then gave their CEO a 100% pay increase? -And How to raise prices for your products or services and not lose business Guest Host: Lon Seidman – Host of Behind the Video and Lead WriterContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 60 | Best Marketing of 2012 | Mommies, Spacedivers and Drama

In 2012 we saw wonderful marketing from clever producers and agencies. Here’s a rundown of the top campaigns in 2012. What can we steal from their great ideas? Happy New Year! Tommy and Ken

You Didn’t Build That Business? Neither Did Obama | Grocer Gives Business to Employees

Joe Lueken, after 46 years, is getting out of the grocery business in a VERY BIG WAY.  As the ultimate act of generosity and thankfulness Joe is giving his business to his employees. Lueken’s Village Foods is a great family business with two stores in upstate Minnesota and one in North Dakota.  The business providedContinue Reading

OFB 59 | Practical GO VIRAL Tips

When it comes to content everyone wants a virus, or better said, wants their content to go viral.  We’ll explore how to do that.  Plus, warm your heart this holiday season with a feel good story out of rural Minnesota.  Give holiday cheers at the signs of the resurgence of American Manufacturing.  Give holiday jeersContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 58 | Ziglarisms & Top 12 Business Books

An interesting mix of items this week — A 30 year fan offers surprising suggestion to HP;  Burn your business plan before it burns you; Thumbs up / thumbs down on the best business books of 2012.  Plus, some insights and homage to Zig Ziglar, a man who inspired generations of successful salespeople. We beginContinue Reading

OFB 57 | Apple’s Next Steps

Hot Potato News — iPad owned 88% of Black Friday deals LINK Arrests made at Walmart on Friday for snooty strikers LINK IPOs in a deep freeze for now LINK HOSTS: Brian Parker: Chief HORN at OnTheHORN.com Jeffery Powers: Jeffrey Powers – Owner and podcaster at Geekazine.com – Started 5 years ago this month. 3Continue Reading

OFB 56 | Inappropriate Holiday Thankyous To Customers

OFB 56 | Saying thank you should not be reserved just for Thanksgiving, HP has no thanks for Autonomy, WalMart survived “no thanks” from workers, SAC Capital are just thankless bastards.  On this edition of OFB Tom, Ken and Brian get in the spirit of the season and discuss saying thanks. First, some Hot PotatoContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 55 | Sir Richard Branson Drives Wagon Off Cliff to Avoid Landmines!

An American icon rises, Branson is audacious, and landmines and cliffs.  On this edition of OFB Tom, Ken and Brian revisit a favorite from our childhood with the Radio Flyer wagon.  Sir Richard Branson discusses the need for audacity.  Ken rants on the dismal NFC East.  And we look at the post election forecasts, fiscalContinue Reading

OFB 54 | CEO Turned Diesel Mule, Happy Feet at Penguin Publishing & The Art of Make the Business Connection

AUDIO Connecting – when you first meet do you elevator pitch, sell, connect, ask, tell …?  How good are your first-impression-making skills?  We explore The Art of Making a Connection on this edition of Open For Business. But first, some Hot Potato News items …. Oh Sandy!!  The storm was devastating, disrupting lives and destroyingContinue Reading