BEB 142 | I Like What You Got

girl on luggagePlaylist:

Brian Charette-Late Night Tv, Jeff Pitchell-When It All Comes Down, Erin & Neil Harpe- Mississippi Delta Blues, Dave Fields-Black Dog, Eight To The Bar-Romeo, Easy Baby-Meet Me, David Foster-What A Life, Mystic Horns-Walkin’ In New Orleans, Neal Vitullo & the Vipers-Get Out Of My Life Woman, Spin Doctors-Scotch & Water Blues, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers-Bad Weather Blues, Deanna Bogart-Hot Fun In The Summertime, Sugar Ray & the Bluetones-I Like What You Got, Greg Sherrod Band-Watching and Waiting, Roomful Of Blues-Gate Walks In, Brent Johnson & the Call Ups-Meet Me In The Bottom, Alexis P. Suter Band-Climbin’ On Up The Mountain, Ryan Hart & the Blue Hearts-Rock All Night, Gracie Curran & the High-Falutin’ Band-Told Me So, B. Willie Smith-Just A Little Bit, Mojomatics-Soy Baby.

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BEB 141 | We Know Doug Hardy

  Playlist: Brian Charette- Late Night Tv, Matt Zeiner Band-The Crash, Chris Ruest-You Ain’t Right, Balkun Brothers-I Know What Ya’ Did, Danny Draher- Goin’ Home, Brian MacDonald-Mid-Life Mambo, Gracie Curran & the High-Falutin’ Band-Jack & Mary Jane, The Mojomatics- Hey Yeah, Mikey Junior- She’s Good At Being Bad, Glen David Andrews-You Don’t Know(featuring Anders Osborne),Continue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 140 | Reefer Wine

Playlist: Brian Charette-Late Night Tv, Jay Jesse Johnson-Hell Train, Branchwater-Wake Me Up ,Mama, Balkun Bros.-Control Yourself, Mike Crandall BAnd-Just Livin’ The Blues, Mighty Soul Drivers-I’m Qualified, Petey Hop & the Jack Rabbits-My God, The Suit,Ty And Thurrsty-Same OLd Song, Roomful Of Blues-She Walks Right In, Mem Shannon- Play The Guitar son, Mem Shannon-My Baby’s BeenContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 139 | Flaming Hot Pies

Playlist: Brian Charette-Late Night Tv, Matt Zeiner Band- Melody,Max Creek-Angel Of My Mind,The McLovins-Cohesive,The Mighty Soul Drivers-Turning Point, Tom Guerra-Refrigerator Blues,Mr. Sipp-Miss Jones, Nikki Hill-Her Destination, Toronzo Cannon-I’ve Been Doing Fine, Danny Draher-Garlic & Onions,James Montgomery-Intoxicated,Chris Ruest Band-Don’t Say A Word, The Hash Brown Band-Cool Breeze, Johnny Sansone-The Night The Pie Factory Burned Down, ErinContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 138 | Free McLovins!

Playlist: Brian Charette-Late Night Tv,Curley Taylor-Rather Lay With U, Johnny Rawls-Bad Reputation, Frank Viele & the Manhattan Project- Neon Lights, Tom Guerra- Simple Song, Tom Guerra–Dirty Son, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers-Neighbor,Neighbor, Deanna Bogart- Fine By Me Good Bayou,Chris Ruest Band-Cry For Me, Danny Draher-My Desire, Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers- Pick PoorContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 137 | The Nikki Hill

Playlist: Brian Charette -Late Night Tv,JME Starchild-The Seduction, Jen Leigh & Superlove-Superlove, Eliot Lewis-Enjoy the Ride, John Fries & the Heat-We Can Lie, Tom Guerra-Get Offa My Groove, So-Cal Rocket Dynamics-Too Bad She Won’t Live, Chris Tofield-Goin’ Nowhere Fast, JW Jones-So Long I’m Gone, Jay Jesse Johnson-Run With The Wolf, Aaron Williams & the Hoodoos-SickContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 136 | Stupid Stupid Stupid

Playlist: Brian Charette-Late Night Tv, Delta Generators-Whole Lotta Whiskey, Joe Louis Walker-Hellfire, Dave Keller-Heart On A String, Roxy Perry-Stone In The Sea, Lisa Mann-I’ve Been Used, Truck Stop Troubadours-Act Naturally, Johnny Rawls-Don’t Lose Your Good Thing, Eliot Lewis-Galaxy Quest, Frank Viele & the Manhattan Project-Push & Pull, Petey Hop-The Levee, Balkun Bros.-Lose Control, Curley Taylor-CountryContinue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 135 | Fesstoration Project

  Playlist: Brian Charette- Late Night Tv,Tom Sanders & the Hornets- Ruff Life, Jr. Krauss & the Shakes- Trip On Out, Dave Keller- 17 Years, Roxy Perry- You Cried For Me, Delta Generators- Canebrake, Joe Louis Walker- Lyin’ In The Name Of Love, John Fries & the Heat -Technicolor You, Eliot Lewis- Determination, Johnny Rawls-Continue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 134 | Kicking the Dog

Playlist: Brian Charette- Late Night TV, Neal Vitullo & the Vipers- Pipeline, Nucklebusters Blues Band- Too Many Drivers, Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts- Love At First Sight, Easy Baby- My Life Is Ruined, Spampinato Brothers-Come On,Come On, Aaron Williams & The Hoodoos- Devil’s Playground, So-Cal Rocket Dynamics- The Girl Of My Dreams, Roxy Perry-Continue ReadingContinue Reading

BEB 133 | Northeast Harmonica Showcase

Playlist: Brian Charette-Late Night Tv, Danny Draher- Li’l Girl, Max Creek- Love Makes You Lose Your Mind, Mike Crandall Band-20 Miles, Shaka & the Soul Shakers-Mr. Levy’s Grave, Spampinato Brothers-My Mother’s Mother’s Day Card, Tom Sanders & the Hornets-New World Order, Lisa Mann-Til The Wheels Come Off, Diane Blue & Roberto Morbioli- I Will Fly,Continue ReadingContinue Reading