Science Proves Evolution Not Possible?

science v evolutionIn this video, this argument is made that science has never observed organisms added genetic information to an organism and therefore evolution can not occur.

It’s conclusion is that the super natural is more likely an answer.

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Lethal Force Last Resort | Rookie Cop Shows Us How

A rookie cop, in new Richmond, Ohio refused to shoot a double-murder suspect, who was charging at him screaming “shoot me, shoot me.” Blindly shooting is bad idea. Cops have hard jobs. They have to make hard choices. What makes it hard is they have to get it right or someone can die. This oneContinue Reading

OTH 1183 | Trump Leaves Presidential Race

. Rundown: 5:10 How Trump leaves the race 25:57 United States is more brutal than ISIS? Rutgers Prof Deepa Kumar CLP SetUp Why Is She Here — Old lame argument, you don’t like it leave. How about You don’t like ObamaCare you leave. You don’t like Confederate flag, you leave. You don’t like hybrid cars, you leave. It’sContinue Reading

BEB 188 | Give Her the Full Ron Burgundy

  Playlist: The Blue Light, Evil Bumblebee, Lance Lopez, Hard Time, Mike Davis Project, Burnt Toast, Albert Castiglia, Burn, Shawn Holt & The Teardrops, You Done Me Wrong, John Ginty, Rock N’ Roll Sunday, Selwyn Birchwood, The Way You Wiggle, The Mighty Soul Drivers, Henpecked Man, The Dr. Izzy Band, Hang Tough, JC Smith, TalkContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OFB 72 | Joe Zwiebel | Selling to Flat Organizational Charts

We talk with Joe Zwiebel, President of New England Business Media., about: What is a flat business org chart? Why is flat better for selling? And we role play with Joe Zwiebel selling US on advertising with his online publications.

BEB 187 | I Want to be Bad!

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BEB 186 | Bring More Sexy

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OTH 1182 | Shark Attacks 1 & 600?

Rundown: Subway Suspends Jared Fogel – child porn. Right-to-die Bill will Come too late for Mom. Should there be a right to die? Trump making waves. Is he part of the plan or Crashing the party? De’andre Johnson (FSU freshman QB) punches girl. BIRTHDAYS Listener birthday today: John Dixon 49 FeliksContinue Reading

BEB 185 | New Tree in Orchard

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OTH 1181 | Ordering the Wrong People

Rundown: Obama sings Amazing Grace. Anti Gay Pastor Wusses Out – of setting himself on fire. How did they go from “Trail gone cold” to shot one of them dead by the end of the week. End Tax Exempt Status on Churches Do you think Trump will Out-Christie Christie?Continue Reading