The Black-Eyed and Blues Music Show

Win $20 just for listening through the Feed our Friends Contest. Each week, Music Director Brian T. Lee showcases music from blues, jazz and funk artists making the rounds in Connecticut. Brian’s easy going attitude and love of music has turned his show into one of the most downloaded podcasts on the Internet. If you know an local artist who should be featured, send Brian an email at Music <at> Subscribe via iTunes here.



FitTech with Kay


The FitTech with Kay podcast is about working out smarter with smartphones. Kay is a certified personal trainer with a passion for results and technology. Listen to her workout tips and health app reviews.

Open for Business

Open for Business is all about who, what, when, where and WHY of entrepreneurs and successfully running a business today, in Connecticut, and beyond. Hosts Tom Russo and Ken Cook talk to the people in the trenches, the business owners, influencers and advocates that make the whole thing work. Come along for the ride. The exploration is well worth it. You can direct always welcomed questions or comments to Tom at and Ken at Click Here to Subscribe in iTunes: Open for Business

OnTheHORN – The Show

Creator of, Brian Parker, discusses the business of Net-Casting, as well as national and global issues in Politics, Education, Health, Technology, and everything else! This free form net-cast is a true look inside OnTheHORN. The co-host is YOU! Nothing is off limits as this is all via the Internet. Philosophies and policies and media will all be discussed.

News Talk Tonight

The highly audience-interactive show NewsTalk Tonight is part political talk with interviews and discussions, and part variety show. Hosted by Dave Moore, NewsTalk Tonight adds pepper to the sometime bland conversations of politics, taxes, business, and social issues. Recorded live on Tuesday night 8pm-9pm.