Going to a Party | BEB 211

lux plane intPlaylist:

Big Mean Sound Machine, Angriest Man In The World,
Tommy Z, Going To A Party,
Chris Bergson Band, Down In The Bottom,
Eddie Cotton, Hard Race To Win,
Keith Stone New Orleans Moonlight,
Johnny Rawls, Tiger In A Cage,
Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea, Hit Me Like A Train,
Jason Vivone and The Billy Bats, The Vivone Song,
Anthony Geraci & The Boston Blues All-Stars, If You Want To Get To Heaven,
Andy Santana & The West Coast Playboys, Love Sickness,
Benny Turner, Reconsider Baby,
Clarence” The Blues Man” Turner, Sabrena,
Pinetop Perkins and Jimmy Rogers with Little Mike and The Tornadoes, Pinetops Boogie Woogie,
Randy McAllister, The Push,
Jeffrey Halford and The Healers, Thunderbird Motel,
Tim Williams,The Grizzly Bear,
Mike Zito & The Wheel, Get Out Of Denver,
Karen Lovely, Cross The Water,
The Tearaways, Naughty Dog,
David M’ore, Funky It Up,
The Alchemystics, Let Them Know,
Balkun Brothers, Been Drivin’,
Brian Charette, Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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Bloomberg Runs for POTUS? | OTH 1201

bloomberg HSHosts
Erik Blazman Blazynski
Carl Bloom
Brian Parker

Assoc Producers
Johnny Mac Barbarino Nissan
Mike Ziebka Budwitz and Myerjack
Henry Wrotniak Sanditz Travel
Giada Valenti
Kathleen DiGennaro Warner
Evan Parsons
Ken Rundel
Maura Donahue
Christy Anne Traylor
Randi Bartles

Bloomberg for Potus?

Mars Needs Colonists who eat meat and Sleep Late

Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner to get TV Show?

Forbes Wealthiest Presidential Candidates:
Martin O’Malley $0.00
Marco Rubio $100,000
Bernie Sanders $700,000
Lindsay Graham $1 Mll
Rick Santorum $2 Mll
Rand Paul $2 Mll
Chris Christie $3 Mll
Ted Cruz $3.5 Mll
Bobby Jindal $5 Mll
Jim Webb $6 Mll
Jim Gilmore $7 Mll
Mike Huckabee $9 Mll
John Kasich $10 Mll
George Pataki $13 Mll
Jeb Bush $22 Mll
Ben Carson $26 Mll
Lincoln Chafee $32 Mll
Hillary Clinton $45 Mll
Carly Fiorina $58 Mll
Donald Trump $4.5 Bll

Baby – 2 months old – To Get Plastic Surgery because parents don’t like ears

AirBNB Igloo only $200!

Storm Rider | OTH 1200

With Bloom, Blazman and Parker

jc dvorak crazy hair visor

Closing Someone Else’s Blinds | BEB 210


closing blindsPlaylist:

Eliza Neals, Breaking And Entering,
Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings, When The Moon Is On THe Rise,
Pinetop Perkins and Jimmy Rogers with Little Mike & The Tornadoes, Big Boss Man,
Michael Cleary Band,
LOve Is Such A Sweet Sound,
Tim Williams, Pistol Snapper,
Karen LOvely, Company Graveyard,
Clarence”The Blues Man” Turner, Fender Bender,
Anthony Geraci And The Boston Blues All-Stars, Diamonds And Pearls,
Andy Santana & THe West Coast Playboys, You May Not Know,
Mike Zito & The Wheel, Keep Coming Back,
DAvid M’ore, The Devil’s Land,
Jason Vivone & The Billy Bats, My Heart Is In The Right Place,
Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea, Closing Someone Else’s Blinds,
Benny Turner, If I Can’t Have You,
Wendy DeWitt & Kirk Harwood, I Want To Believe You,
Kylie Hughes, It Still Hurts,
Ray Brooks, Blues Feeling,
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers, Mexico,
Hurricane Ruth LaMaster, Built For Comfort,
Chris Yakopcic, Write Me A Few Lines,
Chris Bergson Band, Gowanus Heights,
Balkun Bros., Keep Me Warm,
Brian Charette, Late Night Tv,
Mojomatics, Soy Baby

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