OTH 1162 | Jon Stewart Replacement

JonStewart PondersSection 1 – Business News

PARKER Employees that care can do wonders for the business’ image. A teen walked into a North Carolina Target looking for a clip-on tie for a job interview. The store didn’t have those, so a Target employee took time to teach him how to put on a regular tie and then showed him how to give a proper handshake and tackle a few tough interview questions.


PARKER Simon Reynolds has a theory on business success – we need the character of urgency. He says, “The plain truth is that getting anything done in the business world is damn hard, because the inertia, complexity and resistance to action is so strong.”


LEE An executive from the ridesharing company Uber explained the company’s business model to the legislature’s Transportation Committee last week.
Lawmakers are struggling with Uber’s new social business model and trying to figure out how much regulation is necessary.
Uber has been servicing Connecticut since April 2014. The company launched in Fairfield and New Haven counties and has since expanded its operation to Hartford and New London, according to Nicole Benincasa, a policy and regulatory associate for Uber.
One month following Uber’s launch in Connecticut, 15 state cab and livery companies filed suit against Uber and Lyft, another ridesharing company, to block them from doing business in the state. The taxi companies contend the ridesharing companies’ services skirt state and federal regulations of the industry.

The Connecticut taxi industry, which is highly regulated, has been trying to delay Uber’s integration to the industry due to its absence of regulation and potential impact on the market, as well as passenger safety.
In a written statement, Boskello said, “Because they are not regulated as we are, their cars are not properly inspected regularly to ensure they are maintained in safe operating condition. Their drivers have very little training, if any, do not possess the certification and driver’s licenses ours must have, nor are they subject to the rigorous criminal background checks we perform on our drivers.”


Section 2 – Sports

PARKER Former golf phenom Tiger Woods withdraws again with injury, and is getting old, and will someday die. According to reports, Tiger Woods has re-injured his back and likely will never be the golfer he once was because he getting older. More likely because of steroid use, but I speculate, very reasonably speculate. . “If he can get healthy, he can still be a force,” said CBS golf analyst Jim Nantz. “But he’s getting older every day. Why would he get healthier? He simply won’t Each moment is getting farther and farther from one’s physical prime. Personally, I struggle to find a reason to get out of bed every single day. Every. Single. Day. Also, I think Tiger needs to make some tweaks to his short game.”


LEE Dean Smith, one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history, has passed away at the age of 83. Smith led the University of North Carolina to two national championships and 11 Final Fours over 36 years. He also recruited the school’s first African-American scholarship basketball player. “Coach Dean Smith passed away peacefully the evening of February 7 at his home in Chapel Hill, and surrounded by his wife and five children,” the Smith family said in a statement. “We are grateful for all the thoughts and prayers, and appreciate the continued respect for our privacy as arrangements are made available to the public. Thank you.”


I used to be a high school basketball coach and carried a copy of Dean Smith’s book Basketball: Multiple Offense and Defense,
on every bus trip that my school went on.

Section 3 – Politics

LEE Two state lawmakers are seeking to legalize and tax the sale of recreational marijuana in Connecticut. They want it to be seen as a revenue generator and boon to the state’s economy.

Reps. Edwin Vargas, D-Hartford, and Juan Candelaria, D-New Haven, have both proposed bills to legalize marijuana this session. The state has made significant changes to its marijuana laws in recent years. It established a medical marijuana program in 2012 and decriminalized small amounts of the substance in 2011.


Section 4 – Arts/ Entertainment (Books, TV, Movie, Celebs)

PARKER Hatching Twitter, Nick Bilton. Not even 10 years old, Twitter was hatched from ashes on Odeo, a failed podcasting company. (I wonder what we’ll come up with next) Now work over $20billion, this book tracks the leadership struggles, revolts, coups and business pivots of the only social media company to aid in overthrowing a government.

LEE The 57th Grammy’s were Sunday night and here is the list of winners:

Sam Smith took Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal, and Song and Record of the Year (for “Stay With Me”) , while Pharrell Williams won Best Pop Solo Performance for his hit “Happy.” Which I think is a bunch of crap because that song came out 2 years ago.

Best Rock Album and Album of the Year went to Beck, and Best R&B Performance and R&B Song went to Beyoncé for “Drunk in Love.”
A Lifetime Achievement Award went to Buddy Guy but like all Blues artists he was not on the telecast.

As far as performances go some of them were quite good and some did not move the meter for me but I felt sorry for Hozier. He had a nice performance and then out came Annie Lennox and now no one remembers his name.


LEE Another late-night host is calling it quits: Jon Stewart told his audience Tuesday that he’ll step down from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show sometime before the end of this year. His contract expires in September.
Stewart said he has no plans, but “a lot of ideas,” and hinted at reasons for his departure after what will be 17 years on the job: “This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host, and neither do you.”


Samantha Bee or Jason Jones
Bruce Jenner – Grabs both female and male demographics
Brian Williams – Reporting fake news for years
Mitt Romney – Plans to sell the rights to FOX News
Donald Trump – Says He’ll fire one write each week

Section 5 – WTFN – What The Frack News?!?! (News of the weird)

PARKER Almost Progress for Sorsorities. They may bang on the glass ceiling when it comes to equality in the workplace, but when competing with each other, no progress in almost 100 years.


Related History womens sufferage/ 19th Amendment


LEE Luis Moreno Jr., 26, was pursued by police in Fort Lee, N.J., after he entered the carpool lane approaching the George Washington Bridge in January because he appeared to be alone in his SUV. After ignoring several signals to pull over, he finally stopped and, when informed of his offense, told the officer, “I have two passengers in the back” and rolled down a window to show them (in the vehicle’s third row), apparently satisfying the officer. However, as Moreno pulled away, one passenger began screaming and banging on the back door. Moreno sped off with his hostages but was subsequently stopped again and charged with kidnaping and criminal restraint (but no HOV violation!).


LEE “Entomologists are not like other people,” Wired.com reported in January, revealing that two of them had “proudly” issued “birth” announcements for the “Human bot fly” whose larvae one had let gestate beneath his skin for two months. Scientist Piotr Naskrecki and photographer Gil Wizen had been inadvertently bitten while on assignment in Belize and decided the egg-laying “attack” on a human was an important opportunity for research. After all, Naskrecki said, he had never seen an adult bot fly “crawl out” of its host.



BEB 164 | Shampoo-pooing


mud shampooPlaylist:

Eight To The Bar-Party In Providence, Eliza Neals- Pretty Gritty, Smokin’ Joe Kubek & B’Nois King-Done Got Caught Blues, The Alchemystics-Dance Upon The Corner, John Earl Walker-Come Over Here, Jeff Jensen-What’s The Matter With The Mill, Danny Pease & the Regulators-Blood, Sweat and Beers, Mike Henderson Band- Mean Red Spider, Dave Fields-Addicted to Fire, Little Mike & the Tornadoes-Rather Be Lying With You, JP Blues-Meet Me Halfway, Eric SArdinas-All I Need, Mambo Sons-The Only Woman, Brian MacDonald-My Old Friend The Blues, Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution, Sean Chambers-In Winter Time, Tas Cru-Bringing Out The Beast, River City Slim & the Zydeco Hogs-I Just Want To Dance, Roots Of Creation-Searchin’, Brian Charette-Late Night Tv, Mojomatics-Soy Baby.

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OTH 1161 | Are You Woman Enough


superwomanSection 1 – Business News

PARKER Croatia Clears Debt for 60,000 citizens


LEE Super Bowl commercials favorites/best


Section 2 – Sports

PARKER High School Basketball Game end in record score. 2-0


LEE Super Bowl Pats 28 Seahawks 24 Discuss

Section 3 – Politics

PARKER Does US Candidate for President need a College Degree?


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BEB 163 | She Caught the Katy


she caught the katyPlaylist:

Nico Wayne Toussaint & the Mighty Quartet-Waltering In Montreal, Noah Wotherspoon-The Sky Is Crying, Altered Five Blues Band-Demon Woman, Eddie Cotton-Here I Come, John Ginty-Peanut Butter, Markey Blue-I CAn’t Let You Go, Roots Of Creation-That’s How Strong My Love Is, Johnny Drummer-My Woman My Money My Whiskey, Girls With Guitars-I Hate Myself For Loving You, The Alchemystics-Let Them Know, Jeremiah Johnson-Gasoline & Smokes, JW Jones- Watch Your Step, Danny Pease & The Regulators-Lifestyles, Mississippi Heat-Working Man, Mambo Sons-The Devil’s Kin, Jeff Jensen-Bad Bad Whiskey, Eric Sardinas & Big Motor-Run Devil Run, Mr. Nick & The Dirty Tricks-Oh Wow!, Eight To The Bar- Everybody Rock N’ Go, Brian Charette-Late Night Tv(opener), Mojomatics-Soy Baby(closer).

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