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OFB 32 | Get $10 Million for Your Business Idea!

It’s not alchemy.  It’s not having a money tree.  It’s crowdfunding – the latest means for entrepreneurs or anyone with an idea or project to get funding.  Tom Russo and Ken Cook had as their guest this week on Open for Business Bob Metzler, an attorney and Principal with Cohn, Birnbaum & Shea in Hartford.  Bob has looked long and hard at crowdfunding, what it entails, and what the roadblocks for it might be.

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NewsTalk Tonight : Sue Your Meanie Boss | Cops Ignore Profiling Rules? | Session Wrapping Up

Review of the Supreme Court decision (first of its kind in the country) upholding an award for emotional distress thanks to a hostile work environment, allowing a $94,500.00 judgment. Racial Profiling laws that have been mostly “ignored” for the last 12 years. Should cops report on your race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc? Budget and educationContinue ReadingContinue Reading

So much for the Tea Party movement in Connecticut

Richard Wieland, a relative newcomer to the field of presumptive Republican challengers of Democratic Congressman Jim Himes, was a one-man band at a political caucus for House candidates Thursday night in Greenwich that was promoted by members of the Tea Party movement. Keep Reading …

Rep. Vincent Candelora Shares his Frustration with Debit Card Tax Refunds

It seems no one we voted for in the General Assembly is happy with this idea of debit cards for tax refund. No Democrats; No Republicans. Will JP Morgan Chase will get some personal information on all of us, without our authorization? The problem trying to be solved is the 67% of unclaimed tax refundContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Meet The Candidates | Speaker of the House Chris Donovan | US Congress

State Representative Chris Donovan spends some time discussing his run for US Congress. Chris wants to be known for his efforts to help working families. Our impressions of Chris of a honest friendly public servant who is taking a shot at a much higher office. Only a few hiccups for Chris, albeit some answers we felt wereContinue Reading

OP-ED | MPAA Overreaches in Attempts to Thwart Piracy

By: Lon Seidman | CTTechJunkie.com The late Steve Jobs’ negotiations with the recording industry are now the stuff of legend. He famously told clueless music executives who refused to offer their product digitally that they had their “heads up their asses” and needed to start selling their content in the least restrictive way to saveContinue ReadingContinue Reading

OnTheHORN.com | CTNewsJunkie | Economist Cancels, But The Summit Goes On

The economist that seems to be on every politicians speed dial won’t be attending Thursday’s “Economic Summit” at the Connecticut Convention Center. Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, has been called to Washington D.C. to testify before Congress as President Obama’s jobs plan seems to have finally met Republican opposition in less than aContinue Reading