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Is He Rell Yet?

For General Assembly Democrats determined to frustrate Governor Dannel Malloy’s education reform plan, the most recent projected budget deficits came just in time. Ben Barnes, Mr. Malloy’s money cruncher at the Office of Policy Management (OPM), and Comptroller Kevin Lembo, after dickering over the red figures, have agreed that the budget is in deficit by about $200 million; the real deficit is probably closer top $300 million.

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NAACP Chief Calls for Action on Alleged Racial Profiling by Police Across the State; Public Safety Chairman Agrees

The head of the Connecticut NAACP is calling for the state legislature, Gov. Malloy and even the US Justice Department to act in the wake of a report that shows black and Hispanic drivers are much more likely to face citations or court dates from traffic stops than white motorists.Continue Reading

“Losers Raise Losers” Hartford Courant | Bob Englehart

People talk all the time about what cushy jobs teachers have. But how about the position of editorial cartoonist? There are few jobs in the world in which the employee can insult anyone he wants with near-impunity. Yet that’s what The Hartford Courant’s Bob Englehart does on a weekly basis — or, since he’s joinedContinue Reading