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Interview | State Rep. William Tong Seeks Nomination For U.S. Senate

State Rep. William Tong of the 147th District (Stamford and New Canaan) has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Rep. Tong was this week’s NewsTalkTonight guest OnTheHORN.

Is Tong a strong enough candidate to win against sitting U.S. Congressman Chris Murphy? How about Linda McMahon? His mission (or part of it) may have already been completed. More Connecticut residents know who he is now. Win or lose, “William Tong” is becoming a household name in Connecticut.

Here below are highlights of what we discussed and a few of our thoughts. Listen to the interview above and be sure to listen to our post-interview discussion with co-host Jen Just and analyst Terry Cowgill of CTDevilsAdvocate.com, CTEssentialPolitics.com, and CTNewsJunkie.com.

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